Friday, May 25, 2007


I didnt sleep well last night. I was awake for quite some time during the night and was just able to get back to sleep before my alarm was due to go off at 5.05. I hit snooze on my phone and went back to sleep. The alarm went off again at 5.10 and I DID NOT WANT TO GET UP.

Then I thought back to the night before when WH had heaped a ton of praise on me for getting up so early every morning to exercise. How could I slacken off at the next opportunity? So I dragged myself out of bed with the consolation that I would run 3.7kms instead of 5.

I headed out and quickened my pace slightly from my norm. Some stretches were good and I felt ok, others were a struggle and I started thinking that I couldnt do it, that I'd cut back through the side streets and just go home.

Then I woke up to how destructive those thoughts were. I started to picture myself on stage, feeling good (oops sorry...feeling GREAT) about what I'd achieved. I pictured myself on the night before my comp sitting and talking to my WH about how words couldnt describe how I felt about achieving something so big that meant so much to me.

At this point I got a bit teary...but I kept powering along knowing deep down that I would do the 5kms. All this meant so much to me and I had to succeed at it.

I got to the 5km mark which is 3 houses from where I live and I flicked my phone open to check the time.......30 minutes. I'd made 5kms in 30 minutes. I felt like the best runner in the world...albeit a 1/2 dead one :-) And that folks is the best thing thats happened to me today.


PS The first time I ran 5kms it took me 34 or 35 mins and every minute shaved off has been a huge struggle. Many times I thought I'd never make it in 30 and now I have :-) :-)


Hilary said...

Well done Magda, that is a huge accomplishment! You should be very proud, especially after not wanting to get out of bed! Just shows what you can do when you set your mind to it and change to the right attitude!

Have a great weekend!

Hilary xx

Anonymous said...

Awesome work Magda!

You are making some fantastic changes especially with your attitude. Keep it up.

Combat Girl!!

Kie said...

Congrats Magda thats awesome. I run a 5km run some mornings and I run in 40mins I'm always trying to better my time ,very inspiring cheers.

LizN said...

Good job Magda, you'll be under 30 mins shortly. Check my blog, I've tagged you!

Lisa said...

Well done. Sensational improvement.

stacytoby said...

Hey magda,

I'd love to see some pics of your progress!!!