Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Firstly thanks again to the lovely comments left by my blogger friends and hi to Jaime who is a fellow Adelaidian also preparing to compete. I'm looking forward to keeping in touch and following both Jaime's and Stacy's progress. We Adelaidians must stick together, being the small group we are.

Well the title of my blog today best describes where I'm at. Last night was Chest / Shoulders / Tris. I have been struggling with a weight increase on my incline BB bench press for some weeks now so Josh took it out of my program (said I was probably over that exercise). Well last night I was DETERMINED to make the 10 reps at that weight so I gave it another go....only to fail at 7 reps AGAIN. BUGGER!!!! I was not impressed and my mood just worsened. I pushed on with my training but my frame of mind was negative the whole way through. Thanks to a new triceps program my arms felt like they would drop off by the time I finished. I could hardly lift my arms over my head to stretch out so all up I think it was a good session.

I was hoping to do some more cardio after my weights last night but it was quite late and I decided that getting a decent nights sleep was just as (if not more!!) important. So yesterday's cardio was just about non-existant. But this morning I geared up to run my 5kms and managed to shave a minute off my time. This lifted my mood a bit...every little bit helps right now.

Eating is going well so thats another plus I can take pride in. I had to do some food prep last night as I didnt do it on Sunday and had run out of veges. Another job to slot into a busy evening but I did it as I knew the alternative would be a trip to the local shops/cafes and my choice would not be a good one!!

After taking the weekend off my training has been full on:
Monday 5.30am: Sprint session + GLEs
Monday 7pm: Biceps/Abs/Legs + 20 mins moderate intensity cardio
Tuesday 6.15am: Back + 25 mins low intensity cardio (read that: waste of time!!) + 1/2 GLEs
Tuesday 8pm: Chest/Shoulders/Tris
Wednesday 5.30am: 5km run + GLEs
Cardio tonight in the form of my classes.
So as you can see I did 3 weights sessions in about 24 hours. Josh would flip if he knew. I still have a mini-leg session to do and will try to get that in before my classes tonight. No wonder I'm grumpy :-(

So on that note I'll take my grumpy self off back to work. Til tomorrow folks.

Cheers Magda


Kie said...

It is really hard when you end up in a neagtive mind frame. It just kinda of ruins the whole workout, having said that it is great that you finished your workout strong (not being able to lift you arms)good on ya(-:

Andj said...

H iMada,
you are doing really well. don't look at not achieveling what you wanted to do as failure - look at it as feedback and something to work towards. Then when you achieve that mini goal you will feel great. Everything positive or negative is feedback - it just depends on how you look at it.
Anthony robbins books are great for this kind of thinking - especially Unlimited Power.

Andj said...

Don't ask me how I got imada from Magda - long nails make typing hard.