Saturday, May 19, 2007


...I'm too technologically challenged. I have spent a good part of this afternoon selecting my "best" before photo (if there ever is one!!) and my best "here I am now photo" and posting them into my blog. What a mess!! They are saved side on and I dont know how to rotate them. They ended up in the wrong order too and the first time I actually got the wrong photo. I've had enough of trying to get it right. When I work out how to do it without all that messing around they'll be up here but right now I just dont want to face it any more.

So today was the first day that I woud normally weight train but I'm having this week off. My goodness I had an extra 60-90 minutes to myself today which was very wierd indeed. After a very late night at my best friend's jewellery party we all had a sleep in this morning, including BS who snuck into our bed at 5am :-) I did my cardio around 10am which was such a treat. Even when it started to drizzle I still thought I was lucky to be out doing my oval sprints at that time. I spent a good part of the day pottering around and tending to a range of domestic stuff that just never seems to end. Oh and I played snakes and ladders and indoor bowls with BS which were both a lot of fun.

I also did some fruit and vege shopping at a cheap market and the fridge is loaded with veges and a bit of fruit now. I felt so virtuous when everything was unloaded and I knew I had veges galore for the next 2 or 3 weeks.

Tonight I had dinner out with a friend who is having a baby in 6 weeks time. It was nice to catch up with her. I have stuck to my eating plan really well considering the meals/coffees out and I'm happy with that. I weighed again and was delighted that my weight was back down to what it was before last weekends blowout so although I didnt move forwards I also didnt go backwards which is a bonus in itself.

At the jewellery party last night I got tons of compliments on how good I'm looking and its very uplifting and motivating. Tonight my best friend said some really nice things too which was good to hear after I copped a bit of flack from her earlier. I've even been told that I'm inspiring some of my friends to examine what they are doing about their eating and exercise so I'm happy about that as well.

So on that happy, happy note I'm going to toddle off to bed and sign off til next time.

Cheers all



Anonymous said...

Lisa said...

Pleased to hear you have your balance back.

Jaime-lee said...

Very organised Magda! and doesnt it feel good when we are! and Im glad people are complimenting you when they havent aspired to you just makes your day hey!

P.S weres this 'cheap' fruit n veg shop in SA?

Jaime : )