Monday, May 07, 2007


Picture this:

Last night: dinner is over and kitchen is cleaned up; lunches are made; washing all sorted; ironing done; beds made again after all sheets etc have been washed; everything up to date in my on-line training diary; BS put to bed....aaaah time to sit down with a cup of tea and watch the Logies.

So I do and I start thinking...I could do an extra training session. Hmmm I am a bit bored and it would be great to get ahead with my training. I honestly couldnt picture myself sitting on that couch until bedtime watching TV so I hit my exercise room and did my second training session of Chest/Shoulders/Tris. WH thought I'd lost the plot as I started after 8pm when I could have just taken it easy. It felt so good to get moving though. Now I am ahead of my schedule this week and it is a good feeling.

Cardio this morning was oval sprints. A bit boring so I'll have to jazz them up in future if I'm to keep my motivation up. I upped my sets on my GLES too. My choice to do an extra set. Hope Josh is impressed but then it doesnt really matter as I did it to benefit me and not to impress him. Now that I'm back at work its back to the usual routine of meals...all very saintly and boring...ooops...I mean necessary :-) No its ok. I mean a figure competitor has to do what a figure competitor has to do.

So on that note this figure competitior has to stop blogging during work (well lunch time to be exact) and get on with the job I'm being paid to do.

Take care all and cheers for today


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