Saturday, May 05, 2007


I was very lucky to have yesterday off. Firstly I slept in which I badly needed as I get really tired from lack of sleep during the week. Secondly it was morning cardio and as WH had already left for work, I was restricted to the trusty exercise bike. Then BS and I went to our local Westfield and did the grocery shopping, had lunch out and then spent some time at a play cafe as a bit of an extra treat. It was a great day.

Today we managed another sleep in so I'm feeling very lucky for this small miracle. In the afternoon I did the first of my 3 weekly training sessions (Bis/Legs/Abs) and nearly cried when I read that I had to superset the 2 hardest exercises on my program. OMG my quads were screaming!! But I pushed on and even followed up with 30 mins on the exercise bike at a pace better than I've done previously.

I have been absolutely over the moon with my drop in weight and cms over the last few weeks. I dont think I'll make my mini-goal of sub 60 by 14th May but I'm not disappointed at all as I've made it into the skinny jeans and am progressing well.

Tonight we all (BS, WH and I) headed out to dinner at a cafe before WH went out to watch the soccer. As I've done so well with my weight lately I decided that I would relax a little tonight and not just have an undressed warm chicken salad (god knows I've had plenty of them and will continue to have plenty more). So I had a small bruschetta and 3 slices a gourmet yiros pizza. Yummo!! No alcohol nor sweets and I wasnt even tempted to have them or to overeat on the pizza or anything else. This is a win for me as I often eat way too much when I'm out and the food is tastier ( and therefore more fattening) than usual.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring, other than my classes in the morning and I know what my meals will be. So on that note I will toddle off to bed so as not to waste the extra sleep I've been lucky enough to score.

Cheers all



Hilary said...

Way to go Magda, sounds like everything is falling into place! Good to see all that hard work is starting to pay off! Your dinner out sounded lovely!

Hilary xx

Nicc said...

Hi Magda,
You sound like you have really turned a corner & results are coming as a result. Keep it going! Nic

Magda said...

Thanks guys. Yes I'm pretty happy with things at the moment :-)