Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Day 2 of May and I'm moving forward with small steps.

Last night I watched the finale of DWTS and I now have my Tuesday nights back. Yes I'm a hopeless addict and have geared my training around this sad fact. In fact WH and I now have a schedule as to who trains when and I am bound to those times. In the lead up to him starting his new job, he has jumped on the fitness bandwagon and is both weight training and getting out for some morning cardio :-) ......for the time being!!

My schedule has differed a bit this week as I've added a gym session at a different gym and I did that Monday morning. So the weights session I usually do Monday night got changed to cardio instead and I still had to fit my Chest/Shoulders/Tris session in. So I got up earlier than usual and did it this morning. I wasnt totally happy with it as I find that my strength is not as good early in the morning. I couldnt manage the weight increases that Josh programmed for the required reps but gave it my best nevertheless. I will nail it next week when I do the same session in the evening!!

I have been getting really hungry. (I think I've said this before so I better learn to deal with it). As the weather gets cooler everybody in my office brings in the most delicious smelling hot foods and lunch time can be quite torturous. Having said that, my lunch is always delicious and I really enjoy it but there is always this little twinge of mm that smells good, I wish I was having (insert name of something delectable and very fattening). But then I look at the people eating that stuff and give thanks for the opportunity I have to achieve something really important to me.

Tonight I have my classes followed by my GLEs which arent nearly so bad any more. I hope my energy levels are good as it really makes the time go very quickly and enjoyably (is that a word??) Anyway, teaching step and an aerobic style class back to back is still one of my most enjoyable cardio sessions. Give me a room full of people, a microphone and some, loud motivating music and I'm in my element.

Slowly more and more people are finding out about my preparation for the figure comp this year and this also spurs me on. I mean, how would it look if I was to have a sausage roll and a chocolate donut for lunch and then tell people I'm training for a body building competition :-) I couldnt live with the embarassment. So on that note I will sign off knowing I'm committed to the fitness lifestyle and embracing the journey ahead.

Cheers all



bev said...

Its funny when people watch what you eat.Wait until they start checking out your shopping trolley.Mind you I do that too I spose.
You become more aware of what other people are eating even when you go thru shops and cafes,etc.
Wait until your sense of smell gets really strong too.


Magda said...

Hmmmm Bev, so much to look forward to :-) I do get a bit nervous at times thinking about it but I will just remind myself to go "one step at a time".



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