Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Today I'm acknowledging that I'm currently in one of life's down times after being on a fantastic high lately. This is normal and to be expected. Things will not always be rosy, fantastic, positive etc and we shouldnt expect them to be.

I'm ok with this. It will pass and I will feel great again. When I think back over all the weeks I've been preparing (since December last year) I can see this pattern happens and there is nothing I can do to change it. Its like the phases of the moon or the tides.

So last night I had to do my big weights session for Bis/Abs and Legs. I normally do this one on Saturday as its quite long and it took up all of my evening after dinner was eaten and (partially) digested :-) I wasnt in the best frame of mind but nailed a PB on the BB curls which improved my mood somewhat. Then WH and I had a less-than-positive exchange over an issue with BS and I almost just chucked it all in as I was a bit upset. Somehow I talked myself out of it and soldiered on and all was good after that. Then 20 minutes of cardio on my exercise bike and a late finish meant the evening was gone. I got my stuff ready for my gym session this morning, showered and went to bed.

In desperate need of a really good weights session this morning, I was disappointed again. The assisted chin machine wasnt gliding smoothly and I wasnt able to make the weights Josh had programmed. Even on more assistance I was struggling for 8 decent reps. Gym cardio: waste of time!!!! Hopped on the tready at 6.5kms/hr and 13 incline. Barely felt like I was working but didnt have a running bra on so that was out of the question. By now motivation is right down near 0 so I hop on the recumbent bike for an extra 10 minutes of barely working and then do 3 of my 6 sets of GLEs.

However I can report at least 1 positive thing and that is that my eating is good. I've sort of got myself into "just do what you have to do" mode right now and am surviving just doing the one step at a time thing. I went for a coffee with a friend from work today and proverbially drooled over all the cakes in the display counter. Then I started thinking about Friday when I have the day off and all the tempting things that I'll want to eat. God give me strength to ride this out and come out stronger (and leaner) at the other end.

Til I blog again,



Jaime-lee said...

Hi Magda, Im Jaime from Adelaide to ; ) competing in the INBA SA comps Oct 14th, thought Id drop by to see how your going and let you know il be in the crowd at your comp, which I believe is the one Hayzer's organising? Which gym are you at?

So lets count down the weeks to our 1st Comp and il come past to support you when I can ; )


bev said...

Its good that you are acknowledging that there will be highs and lows.I know when we are on a high we think "it would be so easy if I could be like this all the time", but unfortunately it doesnt last.
We need to find the secret and bottle it.We would be very rich.(and real hot too!)
Take care

Hilary said...

Hey Magda, I guess we all go through these "low" times, and as you know, it will pass. But getting through it can be a challenge! It makes it all the more harder when you're preparing for a comp.

All the best, hope you get through this patch unscathed!

Hilary xx