Monday, May 21, 2007


Today is the first noticeably cold day in Adelaide after a much cooler than usual weekend. For me cold weather + strict diet (eg low cals) = feeling cold + hungry all the time. The next 18 weeks will be no picnic. I have been really hungry this morning as my morning snack just isnt satisfying. I love my oats/porridge for breakfast and my veges with fish/chicken for lunch but in between needs a rethink.

When my alarm went off at 5.10 this morning the rain was pelting down outside and for the first time since December last year I didnt get up to do my cardio. Normally I would have done a ride on the exercise bike but we slept in our guest bedroom last night (which is next to the exercise room) as we have a new bedroom suite being delivered today. So in fairness to WH I wasnt going to make a racket on the bike while he was still trying to sleep. I will do cardio tonight to compensate.

Yesterday I did a big vege and atlantic salmon cook up and tonight I'm doing chicken so most of my lunches/dinners will be pre-prepared. Being this organised is sooooo critical to success. I know that if I had to cook every day I'd get sick of it quickly and if I had to buy my lunch...well heaven forbid...the way I was feeling today, I would have come out of the shop with a huge toasted foccacia and a bran muffin...yummo...but not exactly the sort of stuff thats going to get me in my best shape ever :-)

Its been a blessing to not be weight training this week. Its just given me a bit more flexibility with my cardio and freed up some time for other things. Yesterday we moved furniture and WH was very impressed with my strength. I reminded him that I was meant to be having the week off weights, but I was secretly glad to be of use for lifting the big heavy stuff.

Well its time to go as lunch draws to a close and work beckons again. Til tomorrow.



Hilary said...

Yay for being able to lift heavy furniture! Makes you feel so strong - love it!

Good news about the rain, hope it lasts!

Hilary xx

Jaime-lee said...

Magda dont feel so bad because I couldnt get up to go my cardio either IT WAS SO COLD WASNT IT!BUT I still got up at 5.10am to open gym at 6am. Im at work with thick jacket, 3/4 pants on and sneakers and Ive got constant goose bumps on my legs! chillyyyyyyy

I hate being unorganised and no meals prepped...the first thing I do is go str8 to the supermarket and punish myself by eating tuna straight out the can eeeewwwwwww would SO rather chicken or turkey! Hey i made these great turkey burgers the other day and they taste fantastic! email me if you want a recipe and if you like turkey mmmmmmmm

Have a great week Magda! x