Thursday, May 31, 2007


1. I married at 19 and was a divorcee in my mid 20s. Husband number 1 didnt need a wife, he needed another mother hence the split. Its the best thing I did. WH and I have had the best years together travelling, building/buying nice homes and adopting our BS.

2. At school I was a brainy nerd. Luckily I went to a school with lots of brainy nerds so I fitted right in. Now I'm just an air-head (I knew there was a good reason for dying my hair blonde).

3. I recently lived in Brisbane for 2 years and worked as a PT with my own business. I thought I would absolutely love it but it wasnt for me long term. Whilst I enjoy living a healthy and fit lifestyle and helping/guiding others to do the same, I need more stability and less stress to be a happy person.

4. I'm an only child and our BS is an only child as well. (I'm doing my bit for zero population growth!)

5. My cat is called Miss Moneypenny. She's a lazy overweight tortoiseshell who loves sleeping, tuna and having a fuss made of her ( hmmmm a bit like me really :-))

6. I'm a crossword addict. If I start doing the crosswords in the daily paper I get hooked and I cant throw the paper away til they're all done to the best of my ability. (My addiction is currently under control as I'm not going anywhere near the crosswords. Comp prep takes up too much time!)

7. If I was to front the firing squad tomorrow morning, the last meal I request would be a lobster thermidor followed by my mum's home made vanilla slice. Then I'd die happy :-)


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