Monday, May 14, 2007


After a pretty disastrous weekend, I'm now moving forward again. Bit sad that May wont be my best month yet as I had intended but what's done is done. Despite having the best intentions to get right back on track after my "relaxed" day on Friday, this didnt happen and I'm now paying the price with some serious bloat around the middle and pants that arent as loose as what they were a week ago.

This morning's cardio session was a pretty average effort. I just didnt have it in me to sprint even though I was trying....well not really. I was out there doing it but my performance was crap. I now have all my weights to do before Friday which sounds easy but isnt really considering my schedule is out of whack and I'm behind.

Sorry this is sounding a bit too much like "woe is me" so I'll wrap up the whinging right there. I cant change the past but I can do my best from here on.

So eats today are good. And it feels good to eat healthy clean food again instead of the crap I shovelled in over the last few days. I'm feeling better already. I will do my weights to the best of my ability even if I have to modify my program a bit (2 leg sessions just wont work in this time-frame).

From the Saturday just gone, I'm 19 weeks to my first comp. I've been thinking about the diet side of things quite a bit. I just wish Josh would tell me more about what to expect so I'm a bit better prepared mentally. Or maybe I know but I'm just blocking it out. The bottom line is that I want to really stick to my diet 100%, I just find it a bit scary to not have the option for a "small treat" if I want/need one. Does that make sense? I think I'm rambling a bit.

So I'll choof off as I'm not very literate today. Maybe tomorrow I'll be thinking a bit clearer.

Cheers all



bev said...

Dont get too down on yourself Magda.You are only human.There maybe be times when you stray with your eating but do as you have done now ,get back up and off you go again.You would be surprised how quick it comes off again.Sometimes it can actually boost your metabolism.
I'm sure you havent done that much damage.
Keep positive.


Tracey said...

Hey Magda I think that if you are struggling so much that it wouldnt hurt to have a small treat once a fortnight, just as long as you don't go crazy! I am sure that this will be fine to do up to about 6-8 weeks out from the comp.

JD is sometimes not as forthcoming as you would like but as I have learnt just recently that if you dont ask/request/winge then he will not realise that you are not getting the information you require to feel satisfied.

Since finishing my comps I have lost total motivatiion/inspiration for everything & like I said to JD please motivate/inspire me once again I am going nuts. Now I have been given full control over what I want to do for a little while. I now plan my own weights/nutrition & he just adjusts it for me a little. I hope that my motivation comes back this week :)

Keep on going and dont be too hard on yourself if you make a little slip up every now & then, we are only human afterall!

Feel free to PM me in the forum at anytime if you wish to chat.

Magda said...

Thanks Bev,

I'm certainly hoping the damage is minimal and I'm just getting on with what I have to do. Hoping next weigh in is ok.


I've actually been having a small treat about once a week!!Its usually enough to keep me satisfied and on track but this last episode defied all logic LOL.
As for post comp, I'm quietly dreading it. You sound like you've got it sorted though so well done!!