Sunday, May 06, 2007


Yes today I have battled with that little voice that tries to get me eating the wrong things or too much of the right thing or whatever else to throw me off track. Starting with BS's left-over breakfast which I did succumb to as the wholemeal french toast with a little bit of sugar free maple syrup just looked too good to leave. Luckily once I had some of it, he decided that he'd have more so the damage to me was minimal. BS is a life-saver!!

After the french toast episode I knew I didnt want my usual serve of oats so I had a small bowl of a not too bad cereal with a bit of lite soy milk and stopped there. I can recall many previous occassions where an episide like that would have led to a huge blow out binge but not today and so I feel like a winner for nipping that episode in the bud so quickly.

At lunch time I had to stop at my local shops to get my weekly chicken supply. All the way there I kept thinking how much I'd like something from Brumbys, or maybe a Whittakers chocolate peanut bar or ????? The taste buds were salivating. But I put it all out of my mind, grabbed my red onion and my chicken and went straight home to have a egg white omelette with salad.

The rest of the day was ok and I feel so good sitting here tonight knowing that what could have been a huge disaster was actually a big success.....There may just be hope for me yet :-)

Cheers all


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