Thursday, May 03, 2007


Being a Cancerian, I'm very much ruled by the phases of the moon. One thing I can say without any doubt is that when there is full moon, I either feel really good or really bad. And I can swing like a pendulum between the 2.

So last night I got to the gym feeling very flat and unmotivated, dreading the 2 classes I had to do. I got straight into my GLEs and got them out the way early, despite one of the other Instructors pestering me to take some Entertainment Book vouchers which were due to expire soon. I kept saying no thanks but he didnt seem to understand those 2 simple words.

Anyway things just went from strength to strength and I managed 2 awesome classes with my energy level really soaring. It does help when the class is very well attended, the music is one of my fave CDs, the routine is going superbly...oh and lets not forget the full moon :-)

When I finished (on a real high I might add) I raced home and wolfed down my dinner of tuna, salad and flaxseed oil. I was so hungry, I couldnt eat it fast enough lol.

This morning I did sprints on my street run. No set times or distances as I just set myself little milestones along the way and this relieved the boredom of doing the usual oval sprints. Then it was GLEs again (which I'm getting very used to now) and another great cardio/GLE session nailed. I feel so good when its done, even though its hard getting up that early now that winter is approaching.

Its lunch time as I write this at my desk. I've just finished my veges (celery/cauliflower) cooked in a little vegetable stock, sprinkled with coriander, with added chook breast and flaxseed oil. It was very tasty. Across from my desk I've been watching one of my colleagues eating his lunch of a pie and a chocolate sprinkle donut. Oh and he's built like a string bean and is seriously into cycling. Each to their own I guess!

I have the day off tomorrow...YIPPEEE!!!! BS and I will do the grocery shopping, have a biscuit (him) and a coffee(me) at GJs, lunch out at a cafe (chicken salad for me) and then mosy on home and make something nice for WH's dinner. And with all that done, the scene is set for a nice relaxing weekend....I hope.

Cheers all


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