Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Last night: new bedroom furniture all unpacked; lecky blanket back on our bed (havent used it since 2000) cranked up; I had the superb pleasure of getting into a warm bed AND it was raining outside. BLISS!!

But before I could do that I had quite a bit of moving stuff back into the bedroom and remaking the bed so I didnt do the cardio I had planned :-( So this morning there was no option but to get up at 5.10 AND JUST DO IT. 20 x 50m sprints; 5 x 100m sprints; 6 x 20 reps of GLEs; 2 x 15 reps of jump squats. It was actually quite a nice morning. Cold but not windy where I was training. Anyway I'm now geared up for the colder mornings. Long pants, long sleeved top with another sleeveless top underneath, gloves, hat.....lordy what a sight I must be.....but you know what...I dont give a you know what. When I'd finished my cardio session I felt just great. In fact I was bouncing around the house, full of beans and really annoying my WH who is NOT a morning person :-)

Yesterday I couldnt face drinking water. I have a bottle on my desk and every now and then I'd sip some but my consumption was seriously low (another side effect of colder weather). So I've decided to replace the water with herbal tea and today I've drunk heaps. I buy the Twinings teas which are a combination of fruits/flowers in a few different flavours and I fill my 400ml ginormous mug several times a day and just drink. Its wonderful (tasty, warm and calorie free - another definition of bliss) and its helping me get through the hungry and/or cold times.

So once again I'll cut my waffling there and put my nose back to the work grind-stone. Til tomorrow folks.



stacytoby said...

Hey Magda,

How did you manage to get up on such a COLD morning, I woke up at 6:30 this morning, saw how dark it was and rolled over and lay in my electric-blanket goodness for a while!!!

Good on you - how do you do it??!!! ;)

Kristy said...

Hi Magda, 5.10am is mazing. I'm struggling to get up at 5.45am and got to the gym. I have go there the last two mornings. I have just started drinking green tea and am slowly getting used to it, but those twining teas sound interesting so I'll have to have a look next time I'm at the supermarket.

btw where do you do all your cardio and how do you know the distances?

bev said...

It definitely gets harder to get up these dark cold mornings doesnt it.Once your up and done your training though you cant beat that feeling.

Keep it up Magda,your doing well


Andj said...

Hi Magda,
I have trouble drinking wather on cold days as well. Bad thing is that my office is a permanent iceberg so I have a hard time getting through enough water daily.
Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog as well.
That session you did sounds huge!

LizN said...

Good on you Magda, you sound like you have been really finding a happy groove in the last month or so. I can't wait to see you grace the stage :)

Big hugs
Liz ;)