Sunday, February 01, 2009


I thought this would be a good time to look back over January and see how I went. Its also a good time to blog the high and low points to give a better indication of my progress rather than just making it number focussed.


On 2 Jan I weighed in at 70.8kgs (after a little holiday with some nice indulgences during that time). This morning I was 68kgs (after a nice .4 drop from yesterday) so my overall loss was 2.8kgs. Considering I had a mini holiday in the middle of January and didnt eat on track for a few days, I'm happy with this overall result.


After my 1:1 with Liz and a big tick on my squat and deadlift techniques, my weight training was ramped up a little. I have been focussing on pushing hard in each session as I train alone and basically its up to me to get the most out of me LOL. Cardio has stayed about the same although we were kid-free for a week so we couldnt resist throwing in some extra cardio after work on most days.


This has been good for most of the time. There was a day (just before I went to Queensland) when the Metal Monster had totally frustrated me (weighing too often and not seeing movement in the right direction) and I resorted to a bit of a binging out of frustration, a bit of anger and a sense of "I deserve this" but in the overall scheme it was a mild binge and didnt snowball out of all control or leave me feeling emotionally distraught. This, my good friends, really is progress for me.

More recently I've had some episodes where I have been a bit tempted to binge but I've stopped and thought about it and chosen not to. The sensible-voice-of-reason-Magda seems to have taken an assertive stand and I like it. She has given up the fight too many times before so this change is welcome.


Having my 1:1 with Liz was excellent. I learnt so much in that short time and it was nice to interact face to face. I had a range of questions and Liz answered them all, leaving me feeling relaxed and looking forward confidently.

Taking a week off to spend with my BS was fantastic. I still trained and ate well but we packed in the activities and the time just flew by. If only my pay would magically land in our bank account each fortnight, I'd happily be a lady-of-leisure ... except I'd be a lady-of-training / socialising / being involved with my son's school etc. Aaah life would be just perfect :-)

We bought a new car (but havent got it yet). That will be a post all on its own when it finally arrives.

I enjoyed a weekend of being a bacheloress and indulging my "fitness slob" side. It also allowed me to socialise far more than I normally do and go to the gym as a participant. What a bonus that was for me.

My cardio fitness has improved noticeably and I'm now incorporating more running into my sessions. My core strength is improving too (geez it was woeful!!) and I no longer dread the Bosu but look forward to each challenging workout.


Only one really. The project I worked so hard on before Christmas didnt get the necessary approvals in the next critical stage and even now a cloud of uncertainty hangs over it which made me very angry. But its a work issue and on the list of things that are important to me its not a top 3 item so I wont stress about it any more. I'll do what I have to do but I refuse to give any more of my life and soul to it (did that before and got very sick as a result).

How has the year started for you?




ss2306 said...

I think you've made fantastic progress Magda and are well on the way to achieving your goals and dreams.

A big CONGRATULATIONS and keep the momentum going.

Luv Shelley

Pip said...

Awesome start to the year Magda! WOW! 68kg!!! That's an significent target for me and I'll be posting pics in bikinis of me all over my blog when I attain it! Great job on keeping control and feeling comfy/not obsessive in those amber zones and not making them an excuse for a blow out!

My start:
Weight: - started at 83.1kg. Official weigh in tomorrow but I reckon I'm looking at a loss of about 4kg. I went up and down somewhat the first couple of weeks through to a few indulgent days. Headspace feels good and focussed now! Had an AWESOME holiday, - kept nice controlled amber eating and loset weight, and have stayed in control foodwise regardless of imobility last week. Downer is what is causing this darn leg prob, knee injury is on the mend though!

little rene said...

In terms of my return to work - not so great.

In terms of fitness - excellent!

Great work Magda 2009 is going to be our year!

MISS TANK said...

My year has started amazing Magda - then it turned to shit, but now it's back to AMAZING - GO US x