Tuesday, February 24, 2009


If this was an honest from the heart post it would all sound a bit down and gloomy so I'm drawing on the positive things in my life coz I dont want to drag everyone (including myself) down.

I had a really uplifting meeting with my Manager today. We spoke about my career planning and personal development and she was very supportive and complimentary about my future plans. At a time when I'm worrying about that stuff its nice to have her declare her confidence in me. It also helped to put a little spring in my step today :-)

With a few days to go til the end of February (can you believe it??!!) I'm working hard to get my weight back into the 66s. Yep it was there before the "feast weekend" and its dropped now but not quite enough. So a couple of decent cardio sessions and nutrition on track should fix that. I have a specific goal for March which I'll write about later. My focus now is on finishing February strong.

I'm going to wrap up there as an early night is imperative after a very poor sleep last night. So good night all.



Kristy said...

Have a great week Magda and good job on the positive thoughts. It can be very challenging sometimes.

I too am finishing Feb on a strong note with great nutrition. Hopefully I see even a small movement on the scales.

Magda said...

Yay Kristy I read your blog and am happy that the scale is moving downwards for you

:-) Magda