Thursday, February 19, 2009



I often cook without a recipe just making meals up as I go with ingredients I have on hand. This was how I made the roo chilli last night and as a guide here is what I did.

1. Chop 1 medium onion and brown in a non-stick pan thats been sprayed lightly with cooking oil/spray. Add a little water if it sticks.
2. Per serve I allowed 130g minced roo meat. (I buy the best cuts and my mum minces them for me so I know they are 110% fat free ). This cooks into about 100g which is my standard protein portion. Add the roo mince to the onion and brown.
3. Add a big sprinkle of Masterfoods Mexican Style Chilli Powder and either a little salt or beef stock (powdered).
4. I kept mine really simple and just added about 50g/serve of fresh chopped tomato because I had home grown ones that needed to be used up and were past the "use them in a salad stage".
5. Add a bout 1/2 cup (I never measure it) water and cook until most of the water evaporates.

Thats my very quick and easy roo chilli but some options are:
1. Add 1-2 cloves of minced/chopped garlic when browning the onion.
2. Add a jar of salsa instead of the tomatoes.
3. To ramp up the veges sometimes I add chunks of red/yellow/green capsicum but be careful not to overcook as the capsicums will turn to mush.
4. A tin of drained and rinsed kidney beans goes really well in the recipe too. Just add when you add the water.
5. And as a real treat, serve it with rice of your choice, a huge dollop of sour cream, guacamole and a handful of corn chips ....

.... woops we just went from lean and clean to dirty and naughty :-) I hope that helps.

Now for the funny bit.

Today I packed up my cooler bag with morning tea, lunch and dinner all set to eat "on plan" at my parents' house tonight. What I didnt count on was WH having a shocker of a day at work and not being able to get away at our usual time. I'd had enough so I left work and waited in my usual spot which is a cafe close to our carpark. While waiting I partook of a medicinal red, read the paper, did the Target puzzle and chatted with a Britsih tourist who was travelling all over Australia. We were so late getting away that mum and dad ate with our BS and we decided to take WH's pizza and head off home. I ended up having a salad with spicy chilli tuna. At least I have some meals pre-prepared for next time.

Bring on Friday as its my weekday sleep-in and I really need it. I'm very tired and will relish the day off from training.

Cheers all



witchazel said...

Thank you!!! sounds yum!! Will be trying it very soon

Magda said...

You're welcome

:-) Magda