Friday, February 20, 2009


Today I traipsed the roo chilli with extra veges in a separate container all the way back to work so that I could have it for lunch. Little did I know that one of my colleagues was having a birthday tomorrow and I got an impromptu invite out to lunch. Being the social butterfly that I am, of-course I accepted. Roo chilli and veges are in the frij at work for Monday's lunch. Third time lucky maybe??

Its been a tough week at home. My world is ok but at work WH has been under the pump BIG TIME, hence needing some extra TLC. I know he's finding things hard when he wants wine with dinner nearly every night. I have a firm rule in place that I dont drink during the week (well maybe rarely on a Thursday) and I find it pretty easy to stick to, but when the weekend rolls around I'm looking forward to my wine ration. For me it is one of life's pleasures.

I'm looking forward to my weekend training because I get to do longer cardio and I'm not so stressed with the time limits I have in the mornings. Then its domestic chores and swimming lessons for BS on Saturday and a day trip to the Yorke Peninsula on Sunday. Oh and somewhere in there I have some work to tackle :-(

Hope everyone has a great weekend


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Kek said...

Hi Magda...I'm continuing my mission to get through all my unread Google Reader items and your blog was today's task. All 23 posts.... :o)

You're doing great. Just remember that slip-ups happen to everyone and they don't make you a failure. You've made some significant progress, and you WILL make it to your goal, never doubt that.