Sunday, February 08, 2009


Today felt like we were on fast forward - although we did enjoy a leisurely breakfast at The Store (yes again!!) with a good friend. Having a little sleep in (8.15) also threw my plans out of whack but nothing that couldnt be accommodated to still get the most out of my day.

Here's a snapshot of my day:

Get up, breakfast for BS, weigh, hot lemon drink, strip bed, put on a load of washing, blanch home grown tomatoes to remove skins, shower, dress and groom, out for breakfast, arrive home, hang washing, make lunches for next week/day, make lasagne, make spinach/pumpkin frittata, continue washing, get lunch for BS, find 100 other things to do in the kitchen, play a board game with BS, train legs, follow up with 30 minute jog on very wobbly legs, snack, shower, make stir fried veges for the week for me, organise dinners, eat, clean up the disgusting mess in my kitchen, make bed, sort washing, update Calking and blog. The day is not over as there are a couple more things I must do - one being work :-(

The Metal Monster is my best friend right now. Yesterday I was down .7 since last Sunday's weigh and I thought that was good. Just out of curiosity I weighed again today and YIPPEE another .5kgs lost. I think yesterday's mega cardio session gave it a decent nudge down so I've already made it into the 66s which Liz had set as my goal for February. Gotta be happy with that!!

So on that happy note I must go and tackle that work - unless I can find something else to do so I can avoid it a little longer LOL.

Cheers folks



Charlotte Orr said...

Awesome work Magda - keep it up!

Magda said...

Thanks Charlotte.