Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I dont often suffer from DOMS but thanks to a big change around in my training, I'm in pain all over. Following Sunday's leg session where I could feel every muscle firing, the pain set in the next day and I'm walking gingerly. Glutes, hammies and everything in between is sore.

So I followed this up with a chest and tris session on Monday, knowing that my pecs would be sore as they are an area that always suffers from DOMS. I havent been disappointed as the pain is definitely there.

This morning I roadtested my new back/shoulders program and threw caution to the wind on some of the exercises. HOLY CR*P I was working at a 9.5 / 10 and 6 hours after the session I could feel the DOMS starting in my back (an area where I never get it!!).

So add that all up and I'm one sore chicky babe right now. However with this soreness has come a heightened love of what I'm doing and once a few small gliches are sorted out, I'll find my groove and then I'll really cane it session after session.

Food continues to be good although I'm feeling that a freebie/cheat meal would be a nice treat. I think I'm just hanging out for a night off where someone else makes the food, serves it up and clears away my dishes and where I choose something I really want rather than what I think is the best choice. Not sure when I'll have the chance to indulge.

In other breaking (non fitness / figure) news yesterday I said goodbye to my much loved Audi A3 and am now the owner of a beautiful new Golf - black, automatic, a dream to drive. Will post pics later.

Good night all



Kristy said...

Your new car sounds very nice...

Does it have that nice new car smell?

I'm looking forward to photos

Raechelle said...

Even after 20 years of weight training-I still get DOMS....without it, I feel I probably wasn't working hard enough! Glad you are getting a good dose of it-you're doing something right!

Magda said...

Hi Kristy. Yes it has that beautiful new car smell. Every time I get in, I take a big breath through my nose and enjoy it.

Hey Raechelle, I actually wish I got it more often in those areas where its hard to get (for me its back and shoulders). I push hard but am not always rewarded.