Thursday, February 05, 2009


Hi all,

this morning I knocked off my training for the week and tomorrow is my scheduled day off where I get to sleep in til 6am or maybe even a little longer :-)

I had lunch out with a friend today and we went for Thai which is always a favourite. I ordered from the "Lunch Specials" menu as it was a bit cheaper and they still had great sounding food. So I chose basil chicken with veges and chilli which sounded divine. And it did taste good - what little there was of it. You see I got an entree sized plate which was 2/3s full of white rice and the rest was the basil chicken etc. Man it was a tiny serve if you didnt eat the rice. An hour later my tummy started rumbling :-( Luckily my afternoon was very busy and I didnt have time to pine for more food (I didnt even have any afternoon tea food with me) so I survived til dinner time where I had a superb lamb dish of shashlicks with a tossed salad and a lovely yogurt dipping sauce. I left the pitas and apart from the salad having an oily dressing, the meal was pretty lean and clean.

And on that note I must say good night and just leave you with one more thing: Stay tuned for an announcement the next time I blog (hopefully tomorrow night).

Cheers all



Pip said...

Hmm Magda, Thai, that meal is one of my faves from a Thai restaurant too! I usually cut the blob of rice in half and eat that, - with the dish. Infact nice control all round from you! Top job!


Magda said...

Thanks Pip, I'm pretty focussed right now - but not obsessive about it.