Saturday, February 21, 2009


.... this is the debate I was having in my head this evening (gee I lead a sad life dont I?? LOL)

Today has been a blur of:

cardio, breakfast, strip bed, start washing, shower, quick trip to Mercato (resisted the yummy continental cakes woohoo), hang out washing and start another load, make BS's lunch for later, take BS to his swimming lesson, hang out washing, grocery shopping, fill car with petrol, home, unpack cold stuff, make lunch and eat while updating Calking and catching up on blogs, clean up, play board games with BS, start dinner, bring clothes in from the line, remake beds, sit down with WH and a glass of Bickfords Lime for a chat (WH had a beer and some nibbles), cook dinner, eat, clean up, update Calking and all the time having the debate in my head ..... after dinner do I tackle my weight training or do I do some cleaning? Weight training vs cleaning. Whats more important? That my house looks pretty or I work my muscles?

And the winner is .....

.... WEIGHT TRAINING!!!! I did legs tonight and now I feel great. So my house doesnt look all pretty but you know what ... WHO CARES??!! If I keep this up, my legs will look great :-)



Kek said...

Good decision, Magda.

It's a no contest for me - housework ALWAYS comes last! :o)

Magda said...

hahaha Kek, I was thinking of you in the back of my mind as I argued it out with myslef :-)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad the weight training won. Balancing everything in life can be very difficult at times. I'm still figuring it out Magda. ;o) xxx

Lady G said...

I would have taken the same option.
With those strong legs you can blast through the cleaning...another day!