Monday, February 02, 2009


1. Take 3-4 egg whites and whisk with a fork for about 2-3 minutes. Add 80g low fat creamed cottage cheese and whisk until combined. This is what it looks like all mixed together.

2. Add a good sprinkle of cinnamon and 1/2 cup raw oats and 2T bran or psyllium husks (if you need the extra help, if you know what I mean). Mix well and add about 1T water as this makes the pancakes a little bit lighter. Here's how it looks at the end of this stage.
3. I then heat a large heavy frying pan and give it light spray with cooking oil and then pour the mixture in and shape it into a circle thats about 1/2 - 1 cm in height. (This makes it easier to flip over). Cook until quite brown underneath (about 3-4 minutes) and then flip. When the other side is brown remove from the pan onto your serving plate.

4. Here's the finished product served with a small banana sliced onto it and 1/2T sugar free maple syrup drizzled over and a very light sprinkle of LSA on the top. Its a funny shape because I made a double portion and cut it in half.
I must add that this is not a light and fluffy style pancake. Its quite solid and filling and not sweet - until you add the banana and maple syrup. If I've had no banana I've made it with 1/2 an apple grated into the "batter" / serve and then just put the maple syrup and LSA on it. Its still very yum just needs a lit longer to cook through.
The nutritional analysis for mine was (with 70g banana on it)
Calories: 249
Fat: 4.2g
Protein: 16.5g
Carbs: 38.8g
Fibre: 6.2g
Give it a go and let me know what you think of it..

PS I modified this recipe from one that Liz gave me so credit goes to her :-)


Kimmy said...

Thank you so much. I can't have it just yet cause not on my plan at the moment but when I do try it I will let you know what I think. It looks and sounds delicious. Thank you so much
Live with Passion

Anonymous said...

Protein pancakes are amazing arent they?

You are going great Magda!!!! Love reading all about you!!!! xx

Magda said...

Youre welcome Kimmy. They are well worth the wait :-)

Thanks Miss Tank. I love my PPs and am flattered that you enjoy reading about me.