Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Keeping it very brief tonight as I have some roo mince defrosting and will be making me some roo chilli before I go to bed. Why you ask? Well its either that or eat pizza for dinner at my parents' place tomorrow night. Yes we accepted an invite to have dinner there but it is home made pizza on the menu. Mum understands if I bring my own food so thats what I'm doing. The Metal Monster is making its way down and I want to keep it moving in that direction. Plus after last weekends feasting (polite term!!) I'm not hanging out for anything dirty right now.

Off to slave some more in nthe kitchen folks. Good night.



witchazel said...

YUM! Roo Chilli!!! Any chance of having the recipe pleeeeeease!!
if it's easier for you, my email is

I am desperately trying to find other ways of cooking the hue samount of meat hubby and I are eating every day and Roo chilli sounds perfect!

Kristy said...

That's excellent preparation Magda I hope you enjoy the chilli tomorrow night Magda.

RaeC said...

It's good to see you've got your groove back Magda. We are only human and are always going to stumble occasionally. You have got to give yourself credit that those "feastings" are getting fewer and further in between. I've been through that after comps and I wanted so much to change it I just kept trying. That is the secret... to pick yourself up and try, try again. It will happen for you one day when those losses of control are a thing of the past. I promise you that... if you keep trying!! xxx

Magda said...

Check out my post today Witchazel.

Funny thing happened about the roo chilli Kristy.

Thanks for you encouragement and suppport Rae. I AM pleased that the "feasting" episodes are less frequent but I still get upset if I have a bad one. But as you say, to move forward we must pick ourselves up and try and try again.

:-) Magda