Wednesday, February 04, 2009


For some weird reason, by this afternnon I felt good again. No change to diet, a little more sleep last night and putting a few work runs on the board has made the world of difference. I think I just had a bad case of Start-of-the-weekitis (if thats not a real word, then it should be. Mondayitis was not my problem). Mind you, thats after dealing with a pressure situation this morning that had me thinking "is it too early to go to to the pub for a drink?" at 9.30am LOL. And yes we have a pub 3 doors down from work that is open 24/7. I was in a meeting this afternoon where one of our service providers made the comment that "Pressure is good. It builds diamonds". So I must be sparkling very brightly now :-) and be very expensive too.

Training has been good and after some discussion with Liz we are cranking things up even more as of next week. Woohoo!! Cant wait - although I expect I'll be very sore after nailing one of her real killer sessions. Diet is tracking well with lots of good clean food and is not too restricted or limited - well hardly at all in fact. Tomorrow I have the pleasure of having lunch out with a friend and then dinner out with WH before we go to a parent info night at BS's school. So that'll test me out yet again (but I think I'll be ok).

Cheers all


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