Saturday, February 28, 2009


All day yesterday I was looking forward to my Saturday morning training. Whatever I do on Saturday is ALWAYS my favourite session. I love having extra time to really cane the workout of my choice. And I love the drop on the scales that I usually get after that workout.

Well last night the cat accidentally collided with my left foot as I was stepping out the door and she was trying to scoot in. Blood was shed - yes mine and NOT Miss Moneypenny's and I have a really sore toe with a decent scrape and cut on it :-( I was hobbling a bit this morning and wearing socks and shoes didnt feel nice at all. Bugger there went my plans to train legs and follow them up with a jog/run afterwards.

So I attacked my back and abs and then cardioed on the rower and exercise bike. Nowhere near as intense (think boredom factor and reading on the bike) but cardio nevertheless. Tomorrow I might have to cover the sore with a bandaid or similar and push through the pain.

Food has been good today and have downed 1.5 litres of soda water with a wedge of lemon since around 5pm. We had an unexpected visit from a dear friend who now lives in Coomera. The boys had a beer together but I refused my usual wine and had the soda instead. Feel really good for it now. Plus I have a date with the Metal Monster tomorrow morning for my official end of February weigh in and I'm hoping like hell that he is kind with a number in the 66s. I'll post my Feb round-up tomorrow.

Well I have a bed to make, truckloads of washing to fold, kitchen benchtops to clean and ...... yeah I could go on and on.

Cheers all



Frankie said...

Bloody cats! I accidentally rolled over in the bed other night, onto the cat, and she attacked me in my sleep! there was blood too...

Magda said...

:-) Thats hilarious