Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Firstly thanks to the bloggers who left comments on my January Summary post. I hopped onto Blogger to post My Favourite Pancake recipe last night and then raced off to watch Desperate Housewives. I didnt read other blogs or check my previous post for comments, so thank you Shelley, Pip, Rene and Miss Tank - I havent forgotten you lovely ladies.

I've had 2 days of feeling very tired, flat and cranky. I hate being like this but I guess life isnt all wine and roses (and lately has been VERY light on the wine for me anyway LOL). I think its come from a combination of a bit of "work worry" and not enough sleep. I'm also logging my food on CalKing to see if anything crops up there as to why I might be feeling so blaah. Enough calories etc???? I know its not the heat because I'm still loving it and in fact by lunchtime my office is so cold that I'm getting about with a cardy draped over my shoulders.

I spent the last couple of days being very aware of a morning tea that we were having at work today. I knew there would be cake (I made chocolate crackles for it) and some fruit and I didnt want it to turn into a "oh I've had a piece of cake, so I might as well have 10" episode (you may well laugh but this is a real risk for me). I got the fruit ready and asked others to cut up their cakes. Then I heated up my kangaroo chilli and went to eat it at my desk before the MT started. I was planning on having a bit of fruit to be sociable and not touching the cake. Funnily enough, as I was finishing my chilli the Exec Director came with an urgent job that I had to do immediately and I completely missed the morning tea anyway. There were lots of left-overs but I stayed right away from them.

So thats another run on the board for me and another Gold Coin Day :-)

Cheers all



Kristy said...

Great job Magda on the morning tea.Your little tin must be getting heavier with gold coins...

Anonymous said...

Well Done! Make sure you give youself another pat on the back, you have earnt it.

Just think how many gold coins you'll have at this rate Magda. ;o)

Lia xxx

ss2306 said...

Speak to coach but more carbs always works for me when I flat, tired and cranky!

Great work with the morning tea!

Splice said...

Read the title to your post Feeling Tired Flat and Cranky and thought "you just described me to a T".

Having way to many 4am starts it finally caught up with me today. I had a cap nap and am feeling better now, I hope you are too :-)

Deb x

Magda said...

Hey Kristy and Lia, its building up nicely thank you.

Funnily Shell, I havent changed my diet but feel good today. I think it was more to do with sleep (or lack thereof) and work worry. Oh and a bit of "Start-of-weekitis".

Oh Deb, I agree about the early mornings and mine are just at 4.45am. But I now have Fridays off from training and get to sleep in til 6am or later. What a treat!!