Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Saying goodbye to my Audi. I loved that car but sadly it was time for it to go.

My new Golf. Black, sleek and sexy .... a bit like .....????
Yesterday I went to put on a skirt for work. I bought the skirt for my birthday (July) last year and its a size 12 and I was around 73kgs. Just recenty I could feel it getting a little looser. Well yesterday I could hold the waistband out to a point where I could then look down at my feet. Its time to go .... size 12 skirt. Its now on my recycle pile to be donated to charity and I put on a skirt that I havent worn for a LONG time. Gotta love this sort of progress.
Having trained most muscle groups already this week, this morning I set out to do some cardio. My aim was to walk one song and then jog for two and maintain this for an hour. The warm-up walk was ok but when I started jogging HY KARUMBA was I sore!! I knew my legs would be but my pecs were screaming on every step as well. For a moment I almost told myself it would be ok to just walk it all today and then I had a strong word to myself and reminded myself of my goals and of the fact that I'm tough and can run through the DOMS. Geez I almost succumbed to being a sooky-la-la. The shame of it!!
Well Coach has instructed that my freebie meal is to be saved for a special occassion so that is my aim and I'll endeavour to treat myself in some other way. Perhaps a decent sleep would do the trick if I could just manage one somehow.
Cheers all


Anonymous said...

WOW talk about sexy and the car's not bad either. ;-) xxx

ss2306 said...

That sort of progress makes it all worthwhile. The feeling of fitting into a piece of clothing again is amazing and I love it too!

Swish car!

little rene said...

I LOVE buying a new car! The smell, feel and look of it is so great. Wonderful new purchase Magda :)

R.I.P. big skirt ;)

Kristy said...

Great news on the skirt Magda, that must have felt amazing!

I love the car, it looks very nice!

Magda said...

hehehe Lia. I must say, I was feeling pretty good in my size 10 pants that day. Thanks.

Oh Shelley I have a great wardrobe of smaller sized clothes coz I love shopping when I'm slim and I HATE buying fat clothes.

Yes Rene the new car smell is a favourite of mine too. hahaha R.I.P. big skirt - love it!!

Thanks Kristy. Both are great (the new car and the death of the fat skirt)

:-) Magda

Anonymous said...

Good on you Magda, you are an inspiration. Love the car. Erika