Saturday, January 31, 2009


Yeah yeah yeah so its hot. It IS summer after all. And when its winter, how long is it cold? I mean really cold. Longer than this heat wave. So lets suck it up and stop whinging.

I'm a summer lover and I admit I LOVE IT HOT!! I love to train early mornings when its going to be a scorcher of a day. My body works better and especially my muscles work better in the heat. I love sweating a few minutes into my workout and feeling quite drenched at the end of it. I love guzzling lots of water which is so much harder to do in cold weather. And salads become a favourite meal again whereas in winter they are just totally unappealing.

This morning WH set out to do his run around 7.15am and I got stuck into my Postural Program. When he was back I went to do my fast walk setting out just before 8am and it was finished before 9. Yep it was hot but it was a little cloudy so it didnt feel so scorching. Then home to finish the PP and devour a yummy breakfast of pancake made from:

1/4c oats
1T unprocessed bran
1.5 egg whites from extra large eggs (I made a double portion with 3 egg whites)
40g low fat creamed cottage cheese

Serve it with 1/2 large banana, sugar free maple syrup and a lite sprinkle of LSA. Give it a go and tell me if you love it as much as I do.

Well the Metal Monster managed to put me in a brief bad mood this morning. My loss for the week was .1 kg (yes a measly 100g). Stoopid, stoopid machine!! Even the tape measure wasnt on my side with only a bit off the thighs (better than nothing, I guess). The wierd thing is that I felt smaller and like I HAD lost weight. I'll be honest and say I EXPECTED MORE so when I didnt get it, I was suitably upset and angry. It took a lot of self talk to let it go and not allow it to ruin my day.

Food has been good and on track (like it had been for most of the week) and tomorrow we are splurging out for a yummy breakfast at The Store in Melbourne Street again. They have a new menu and this one looks better than the last so I'm really looking forward to the treat. I wont go silly but I love the choices when eating out and the fact that somebody makes it for me and then cleans it all up too :-). There is training to be done as well but after that the rest of the day will be spent staying cool.

What do you have planned for your Sunday?




Kristy said...

I used to be a summer girl, but I love training in winter so am changing sides. Sorry Magda...

Winter for me now.... LOL Although I do like the longer days in summer... Tough choice

Kristy said...

Oh by the way Sunday I am going to the Farmers Market and other then that just relaxing.

I look forward to your review of The Store. I think that was one of the cafes we were going to try on our monthly run...

Kristy said...

Me again... You'll be sick of me lol

Just checked out the breakfast menu at The Store. Mmmmm its looks really yum. Enjoy breakfast

Frankie said...

I much prefer training in summer - pretty much for the reasons you gave. I love sweating and guzzling the water. But I don't like summer. I dont' like the heat.

I love winter and how I can snuggle and the nice clothes I can wear..but I don't like training. I feel to 'dry' I guess. I need the sweat!

Sunday...getting my eldest organised for her first day at high school Monday!

Pip said...

Definitely am a full on summer chick!!! Not a fan of harsh cold winter days at all myself!

I like humid weather too and tropical warm rain as well as the sun so the tropics would suit me to a t!!!

Tomorrow, struggling though more stuff with the legs etc! Have a good one!

KatieP said...

Protein Pancakes rule! Sometimes I have them for breakfast AND dinner.

Kimmy said...

Hi Magna
I love summer, everyone is happier. In winter it is always harder to move outside of the warm heating to do any exercising and yes salads in winter suck but I do love eating my vegies in the winter.
I have done my short walk and up and down my hill half a dozen times already this morning, some domestics and then off to work soon. I do have a lunch appointment with a friend that I booked 2 months ago but can't get hold of her - so will have to wait and see.
Can you give me step by step instrutions on how to make pancakes. I had one recipe where you cooked the oats first before mixing everything in, one where you blended the oats so that they were like flour etc so I am totally confused as to exactly what I am supposed to do with the ingredients.
Thanks - Kimmy

Magda said...

Kristy, The Store is one of our favourites and breakfast is always superb there. I cant recommend it highly enough. They also do a good variety of vegetarian and I had the Florentine Omelette which is to die for. Very yummy!!

Hey Frankie, in winter I love rain and I dont mind training in it but I hate the wind. Agree about the sweaty workouts ... only then do I feel like I've worked. I also have a couple of favourite meals that are totally winter food so I guess there are some positives about winter LOL.

Hi Pip, I too am ok with humid weather. Mind you, living in Brisbane through 2 summers tested me out but I cope better than most. What cracks me up now is when we get a bit of humidity in Adelaide and everyone starts "dying" from it. I just laugh and tell them they have no idea what humidity is. Adelaide doesnt even register with me.

KatieP. I agree!! Definitely my absolutely favourite breakfast.

Hi Kimmy, stay tuned. I'll post the step by step and even put a picture up for you in the next couple of days.

Cheers all