Saturday, January 24, 2009


You're looking at my A3's boot full of food. 6 green bags (3 from the supermarket, 3 from the fruit and veg market), a shredder (not for human consumption) with a carton of 18 x 375ml Diet Coke cans behind it (yeah yeah I know its not really good for me but everyone is allowed some daily vices (or treats) and I like to have one at work around 4pm when tiredness catches up with me BIG TIME).

I bought: 3 dozen eggs, bananas, apples, lemons, ruby grapefruit (for WH), garlic, spanish onion, brown onion, spring onions, sweet potato (for WH), white potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, capsicums, continental cucumber, green beans, asparagus, brocolli, huge bunch silverbeet, snow peas, avocado, 1/2 cabbage, brussel sprouts, mushrooms, coriander, zucchini, salted cashews (for guests) and a big bag of pepitas. We have home grown tomatoes and peaches from mum and dad's tree and I buy fresh spinach leaves weekly at the supermarket. This should last us about 2-3 weeks with a small weekly top up. My fridge is groaning with it all and I have no excuse now for struggling to put a good meal together.

So how did I pass my bacheloress day today?

Well sadly I woke up WAY too early and couldnt get back to sleep so was up before dawn. Ate an early breakfast and had the Saturday paper all to myself BONUS!! I did the grocery shopping early and called in to my favourite local cafe (well my ONLY local cafe really - but a good one nevertheless) for a skim cappuccino. Hmm what about some fruit toast I was thinking as I was hungry again and still had cardio to do later in the morning. No just eat your Slim Secrets bar and skip the toast was the counter-perspective and it appealed so I went with it.

Dash home, unload shopping, cram cold stuff into the fridge and race off to the gym to participate in the cycle class. Gym members (who all know me from my many years of teaching there) are all surprised to see me and its nice to catch up with some again. Work reasonably hard in cycle class (346 cals torched in 43 minutes) and have a nice long chat to the Instructor afterwards. Gee I love talking about myself and my competing experiences and he seemed to like listening so there was no stopping me. Race home for food and shower (no fitness slob today!!) and head out to drop a duck off to mum and dad's (yes its tomorrow's lunch) and meet Miss Kerry and Miss Cheryl for lunch at The Store in Melbourne Street. My definition of bliss: 3 hours of talking about training, dieting, competing and anything related. Throw a yummy Florentine omelet in for lunch and I'm one happy camper.

Then its out to visit a friend for a quick catch up (I turn down an invite to dinner as the extra fat in my lunch has me feeling quite full). I arrive home after 6pm and must water the garden as its "our day" and it needs a good watering (strict instructions from my WH). Reinforce to myself how much I HATE gardening and am thankful that its WH's job normally. Next job is to put all the groceries away and then think about something very low in fat for dinner. Chicken breast to the rescue (I'll leave the atlantic salmon for another night) and talk to BS and WH on Skype.

Finally get to blog and hopefully manage an early night. But need to wind right down first. Phew I feel buggered just reading all that.

BTW: Metal Monster has finally dropped into the next number range down and I was on a bit of a high about that too. Funny though that my measurements arent going down but some clothes are getting looser and I feel smaller.




ss2306 said...

Oooww, sounds like a great day Magda.

Raechelle said...

Looks like someone's cooking up some fab food-yum! What a great day too!

Carolyn said...

Hi Magda!
Gee we are similar - I hate gardening too!! My WH installed a watering system as he was sick of coming home to dead plants whe he used to go away a lot with work LOL!!!
Sounds like you had a great day - your car boot looks like mine after a shopping trip, however that's mine EVERY week! Yikes.
Have a great weekend,
Carolyn x

Magda said...

Hey guys, I'm having a ball with my few days of freedom and yes the kitchen has had a good workout LOL!!

:-) Magda