Sunday, January 04, 2009


I've been battling a sore throat and annoying headache for a few days but I'm trying to stay positive and I've pretty much just soldiered on. I had accepted more fill-in classes for this morning and I knew if I pulled out at late notice, the classes wouldnt have gone ahead. So I was there to teach even in my considerably less than 100% state.

During the step class I knew my pulse had skyrocketed as I was fading fast in both energy and brain power (yep completely forgot my routine for a couple of seconds but kept going like the old pro that I am LOL). I had to adjust my effort for the 1 hour class that followed just to make sure I got through it. When I checked my HRM it showed I had burned 756 calories which is an all time record. (I think the HR spike in step accounted for a lot of that). Boy was I glad when the classes were over and I could just crash.

WH gave me a lovely treat in light of my "poorly state". He offered to take BS to the beach to give me some quiet time. How sweet!! So while they were out I looked at all the chores that needed doing and decided they could wait. I finished reading the paper while I ate my lunch. Luxury!! Then I caught up on blogs, tidied up my lunch mess and then lay on my bed reading The Eat Clean Diet by Tosca Reno. It was bliss. The boys came home after a couple of hours and then all was back to normal. Ah well, it was nice while it lasted.

Feeling positive and inspired this afternoon I asked WH to do some progress pics for me as I've now lost about 6kgs since starting with Liz in November and I was feeling so much better knowing that I had improved. And this is where the inspiration for my blog title came from. OMG my pics DO show improvement but my legs are so big, heavy and awful that I felt really down after seeing the pics. Despite this I sent the pics through to Liz and got some very positive and encouraging feedback. I'm trying to focus on the fact that I'm eating well, doing my training as prescribed by Liz and working on my positive headset so things can only improve.

Oh and on a final note ..... I'll be logging on CalKing again so my other challenge is to not get too anal or obsessive about it (yep I'm one of those "if I'm gonna do it then I'm gonna do it right people" and everything ends up on the scales, jotted down and then analysed). I'm sure I must have been a mad scientsit in a past life :-)

Cheers all



Shar said...

Well donr for pushing throught your classes Magda, hard to teach when your not 100%.
6kgs is great since November! Think if you did that again in the next few months.
Your legs will happen, keep on keeping on and trust in Liz, she'll get you there.

Shar x

ss2306 said...

We all hate our progress pics and see all the bad bits and it's not until someone else tells you the positives that you listen.

It's when you look good in clothes that really matters cause it's only you and hubby that see you naked! (LOL)

Keep soldiering on Magda. You're doing great.

I'm anal about logging and recording too but it's helped me get where I want to go so I think it's a huge positive quality to possess.

Stephanie Davis said...

Oh wow i didn't know you were an instructor how did i miss that? lol, i have the sore throat and headache atm too and know i couldn't have done it, kudos!
Looking forward to meeting you later this month :)
Stay positive, doin great! Steph

Magda said...

Hey Shar, thanks for the encouragement. The next 6 will have me in my "slim-territory" so that'll be nice.

Thanks Shelley. I secretly love the weighing and logging not just coz I want to know what the numbers are but because I'm less likely to sneak in something I shouldnt be having. It worked for me in 07 and I know it'll work again.

Hi Steph, I'm actually a SEMI-RETIRED instructor. I gave up mid 07 when my comp prep + full-time work + family had to come first (not in that order BTW!!). Since then I just fill-in if needed and if I'm free (usually a Sunday morning). I cant wait to come to Brissie too and meet you and whoever else ventures along on the 17th.



Lisa said...

Hi Magda
I'm heading to Adelaide on Saturday for two weeks hols - just wondered if you might be interested in meeting? I thought I'd ask Kristy too if she's around..