Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Funny title hey??

Let me elaborate. This time last year, my boys were away again and I had a few days of family-freedom. So how did I put it to use then? I ate. And ate. And ate. Why? Because I was having a meal out, chose some less-than-healthy things and then just went OUT OF CONTROL eating any and every bit of junk I could lay my hands/lips on. OMG it was such an awful time and I remember it feeling like the start of my demise. After that weekend it all went downhill for me with just a few short reprieve's along the way.

So this thought was in the back of my mind all weekend. And I was tested!! I ate out Saturday lunch-time, Sunday lunch-time, Sunday dinner and Monday lunch-time including a big piece of cake at my friend's house after lunch. And I was ok with it all and had no urges to stuff myself silly as a result of eating "off-plan". I was really happy with myself when the weekend wound up, my boys came home and I had "kept the plot" so to speak.

So what about this "losing it"??

I got news today that the project I had worked so hard on leading up to Christmas had gone to the Board today for approval and it was knocked back. This means delays for us which will have a significant impact down the track. Not to mention that I had slaved over it (I worked some ridiculous hours to get it done) to meet the deadline and now its missed it and there is more work to be done. Hence.... I LOST IT!!!!! On a scale of 1 - 10 my anger was soaring up to the 10. A glass of wine after work didnt have the desired stress-relief effect so it ended up down the drain (thats one good decision made at such a vulnerable time). I couldnt eat all my dinner though.

Hoping for calmer seas tomorrow.


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