Friday, January 02, 2009


I've been mulling over what I want to achieve in 2009. Some of my goals are very clear and specific, others arent so and they may well morph into something quite different as the year progresses. I will share them all, nevertheless.

On the drive home yesterday (4 hours in the car) I had another "Oh-I'll-enter-the-12-Week- Body-Blitz-Challenge (run by Womens Health and Fitness magazine)-moment". I was having visions of achieving an amazing transformation and taking out Monthly Winner and then maybe even Overall Winner- oh the fame - oh the fortune. LOL!! But after sleeping on it I decided that I didnt need a competition to drive me to achieve my weight loss because all the drive I needed was right within me. I didnt need to find it elsewhere.

My first goal is to to get my weight down to 60-62kgs and I want to achieve this in 12 weeks which will be very close to my wedding anniversary. This year I want to look smokin hot when WH and I go out to a top notch restaurant to celebrate. A week later I'm off for a girls only weekend to Sydney. My girlfriends are both quite slim and this year and I dont want to be the fat-girl-out. If I choose to shop on the holiday I want to look forward to it and not dread trying to find something that I'll like and that'll fit.

But it goes deeper than that. I long to be happy in my skin and generally happy with how I look. I want to enjoy good healthy food and the occassional treat and I want to feel good - happy, relaxed and not always fretting that I need to lose weight - over and over again.

Yep that goal leads into my next goal of maintenance. Here is where I'll really need Liz's help as the "M" word has always eluded me. I've lost weight heaps of times but have rarely kept it off for any extended period (maybe once or twice). Mastering Maintenance will be my biggest challenge I think but its worth working for as I want to be free of the constant diet mentality.

Then there's the "C" word. To compete or not to compete that is the question. I have a quietly burning desire to do it again and I'm prepared to work for it. But there are things brewing in the pipelines for us as a family which will effect my competing plans although nothing is set in stone yet. This goal may change during the year but right now one eye is set on that date in September (which I have to check in case its changed again).

For some time now I've been wanting to overhaul my wardrobe but have been loathe to spend the money on fat clothes. Its my goal to ditch everything that is unflattering, unsuitable, dated, cheap and ready for donating to charity and then slowly replace with quality items. I'm talking designer pieces and quality and I'm prepared to do it slowly and properly. I like to look good because it makes me feel good and clothes play a big part in that. Oh the fun of all that shopping mwahahaha

I'm not sure what work will bring. I'm due to finish in my current job in September when Miss R returns from maternity leave. I dont want to go back to my previous job (but I can and I may well have to). Premier Mikey (Mike Rann) handed down the doom and gloom half yearly budget just before Christmas and announced that several (about 1600) public service jobs will go and that means packages for those severing ties with the trusty and secure public service. I have moments of squealing "pick me pick me" and I feel all fired up about a new career and then I have moments of doubt and wonder if putting our nice lifestyle at risk is worth it. This one needs a lot more discussion and contemplation. Watch this space....

Finally if there was one thing that I wanted for 2009 it would be BALANCE. For me this means getting to my goal weight without starving, without weighing/measuring and logging every crumb, without giving up the treats I enjoy (wine, Diet Coke, bread, nuts, cake) but happily having them in moderation and by doing training that I enjoy and that gets me results. Balance is eating well 90% of the time and enjoying treats in moderation. Its going out to dinner and ordering what I feel like, not what I think I should have (and then not enjoying it). Its handling stress, boredom, frustration in non-food ways and not giving into the urge to eat til you'll explode. Its having the time and energy to devote to my family and knowing that I'm there with them 100%. Thats what balance means to me.



Shar said...

Great post magda!
Seems 2009 will bring alot to the plate for you.
I have no doubt you will tackle it all head on and suceed in what ever you decide to do.

I have been following your journey since Jan 2007 (looked back at your posts and seem to remember them from then on) and now 2 years on still following, Your posts have always been frank and honest hence the reason I keep coming back.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do this year, I'll be willing you on whatever the decision.
Happy new year
Shar x

Magda said...

Thanks Shar,

its been a bumpy ride at times but I believe that if you challenge yourself and move out of your comfort zone (as I have and you would totally understand this too!!) then you have to expect bumps along the way. And as for honesty, well what's the point of BSing? I believe in warts and all!!



Kimmy said...

Looking forward to following your journey - I think we all have ups and downs and we could all be better but we are so much more health conscious and happier than a lot of other people out there in this wonderful world. Look forward to staying in contact in 2009. May all your dreams and goals be easy to achieve.
Live with Passion

Raechelle said...

Good on ya girl! Balance really is the key to happiness! Happy New Year to you and best wishes for 2009!

Magda said...

Hey Kimmy, I'm sure we will stay in contact during 2009 as I'll be following your journey to the comp stage again, with interest.

Thanks Raechelle, I'm in a good headspace and I'm determined to make 2009 better than 08.

Cheers guys


Kristy said...

I love your goals for 2009 Magda.

Magda said...

Thanks Kristy :-)