Wednesday, January 07, 2009



1. Playing several games of hopscotch with my BS (when was the last time you did that??!!)
2. Taking my BS to work with me (briefly) and introducing him to my colleagues.
3. Yay the launch of my BOSU training this morning.
4. Morning walk in the light drizzle.
5. Lunch out - warm chicken salad with a roasted capsicum pesto dressing (probably a bit higher in fat than ideal but VERY YUMMY)


1. Discovering my serious lack of core strength. BOSU training = almost dead Magda LOL.
2. Work sneaking into my precious holiday time. It HAD to be done but would rather be 100% BS focussed.
3. House is a mess. On the other hand - a clean house is a sign of wasted time (or something like that - Kek help me out here!!)
4. I'm attempting to set a new record for what can be sitting in my ironing basket. (Note to self: One must wear one's "Domestic Goddess" hat eventually as the wardrobes are starting to look bare.)
5. Vege shopping is very much due. Yep its market time this weekend so I dont have to ration out the spinach leaves and see how far I can make a red capsicum go.

Cheers all



Frankie said...

ha...last time I did ALL my ironing I realised that I was short about 20 hangers!

Kimmy said...

Hey Magna, did you use the Cd that came with the Bosu Ball. It is not as easy as it looks:)

Magda said...

Hey Frankie, I have the best mother in the world as she normally does my ironing while I'm at work butshe hasnt been around coz I'm on holidays so I better bite the bullet and just do it.

Kimmy, I'm training with Liz Nelson and she does my weekly program with my BOSU exercises set out in that. They look easy when you read them and look at the pictures but they are KILLERS.