Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I miss my Bloglist but I cant be bothered trying to reinstate it all so I'm all over the place tracking down blogs I follow. Its a bit of a nuisance and I'll have to tackle the new Bloglist when I have more time.

The second thing thats pissin me off is the Metal Monster. It still insists on heading in the wrong direction despite clean eating well within my calorie allowance and regular training. I expected a bit of a spike on Sunday (well not really but it didnt surprise me) but then I also expected a drop after eating very clean that day. But it (MM) heads up a bit more just to really piss me off and reinforce my hate of weighing more than say twice a week. Yep I know it'll go up/down/up/down etc for its own purposes but quite frankly I feel I dont need to know what happens in between one week and a week later. Seeing it in black and white just raises my frustration levels.

We had a scorcher in Adelaide today (40 degrees+) and I just had to take advantage of this wonderful and rare occassion. (Yes I love hot weather) What am I talking about?? When its going to be really hot I love getting out in the early morning for a sweaty cardio session. So today I was heading out the door by 5am to do an hour long walk/jog session with several random jogging intervals of 2-4 minutes each. 444 was the magical calorie burn and I felt great when I got home. I SO love my cardio and always look forward to it.

But after my trip to Queensland - hello to all the RPMers I'm looking forward to meeting at Liz's class on Saturday - we are ramping up my weight training and keeping cardio at a moderate level. Still looking to lose the body fat but more importantly we gotta build me some muscles. I cant wait to get the nitty gritty details from Liz so I can work out how to fit the training into my life from a physical, emotional and nutrition-balancing perspective. That all sounds a bit complicated but they are things I need to have in order to make it work.

So on that note I'll say good night and finish getting tomorrow's meals ready. 3 sleeps and I'm on the plane to the Sunny Coast (via Sydney).



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