Monday, January 05, 2009


Tonight's post has nothing to do with fitness, fun or figure but its something that made a huge impression on me today and I wanted to write about it.

I took BS to the pool today. While we were mucking around in the water a touching sight caught my eye. Two young men (teenagers - maybe one around 20) were making their way into the water. They were brothers judging by the similarity of their facial features. The younger man had a disability and was wary about entering the pool. He was ambulant but looking at the unusual shape of his spine and his gait it was obvious that he was not easily mobile. His brother was supporting him and slowly encouraging him to take the steps into the water.

The youger man was relying totally on his bigger brother both physically (he needed to hold onto him and be held in return) and from a trusting perspective too. It took some time for them to get into the water. After getting in they spent quite some time in the pool, a lot of it playing with a bright red ball that the younger man was enjoying playing catch with one of the lifeguards.

What I found so touching (and I confess that I watched them for some time) was the totally unselfish way the older man cared for his brother. He NEVER took his eyes off him. He was never more than a hand's reach away and he NEVER stopped smiling in all the time they were there. He was there for his brother 100% showing patience and love like I havent seen before. It was quite moving.

As we were leaving, the two young men who had left the pool area some time before us, were in the cafeteria area having something to eat and drink. The older brother was helping the younger one to have his drink, still smiling, still there 100%.

It made me think of all the times that as parents we brush our kids off, we get short with them, we raise our voices because of something thats bothering us and we give them way less than 100%. I'm ashamed to say that with me it happens too often and so I was really touched by what I saw today.... a young man who could happily give 100% of himself to his brother. That was pure love and patience in my book.




Shar said...

I had tears in my eyes as I read.
What a fantastic thing unconditional love is.
I too noted sometime ago I wasn't always 100% present with my angels and I have made changes to the time and attention spent with wthem and the difference in them is amazing.
What a great post with a great message, time is precious and we should all try and be more present and patient with everyone, who nknows what a difference we could make to someones day.
Shar x

Frankie said...

Hi Magda, I just wandered over to your blog from a comment on...Essie's blog I think and now I'm all teary like Shar!

Yep, my kids get back on Saturday (after being on holidays with my ex for two weeks) and I'm going to make more of an effort from now on to spend quality time with them, not just be in the same room.

Thanks for that post.


Kristy said...

Thats beautiful Magda...

Magda said...

Hey Shar, that incident made me approach today quite differently and I feel better for it.

Hi Frankie, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :-)

Thanks Kristy. It was a bit of an unusual post but I really wanted to write about it.

:-) Magda

Frankie said...

and thanks for stopping by my blog!

I'm loving all the great blogs on here by women who have transformed their bodies and their lives. I hope to be one of them.