Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Well tonight I'm posting with my "Fitness Fun and Figure" hat on again although I will just mention that after witnessing yesterday's beautiful incident, I did approach today quite differently. I took BS to see Madagascar 2 and on the car ride there and back (longish drives both ways) I patiently answered all his questions and indulged in all of his little fantasies. Yes I gave him 100% of my attention and we had quite a few laughs (until he fell asleep LOL).

Training has been difficult on a couple of fronts. Firstly my annoying headcold still has me waking up feeling awful and I'm training through it coz I know if I leave it til later in the day, there's a ghood chance it wont get done. So today was my "Sexy Back" program followed by a brief rowing interval session. I was so grateful that I didnt have to push out a long cardio session as I didnt feel at all up to it. Training at home is great as I can do it exactly when it suits me and I dont have to allow for travel time, or make sure WH is around to look after BS or other considerations. However it can have its down side. Like today. I was interrupted for the following reasons:

1. WH asking if the belt he had on matched his shoes and his new suit. OK let me put my "fashion stylist" hat on and sort out the wardrobe disaster before he embarasses himself in public.
2. BS telling me he'd finished breakfast. OK time to be "mum" here and tell him to go and watch the rest of his favourite show quietly before he is allowed to fire up the Wii.
3. Pussy cat coming in for a rub while I'm pulling away at my seated rows. Could it be food time? I think so. Feed the cat and she'll leave you alone Magda.
4. BS back again to tell me his favourite show has now finished and "they just have the bits on that tell you how they made it" (I must teach him the word "credits".) "Mum" time again and I order him to go and play on his Wii.
Did I say its great to train at home LOL???

Food has been good although a bit light on the calories seeing its holiday time and there just naturally is one meal less. This will correct itself next week, I'm sure. While preparing my dinner tonight I found myself obsessively cutting cooked chicken breast several times to get that 100g just right. Lordy just slap me coz thats exactly the sort of behaviour I need to avoid.

And finally headspace is pretty darned good I reckon. I'm not letting my headcold get me down. I'm not letting the image of my too fat legs get me down. I'm not fretting about how many calories I'm eating, or not eating. I'm enjoying the time I have with my BS this week and I'm packing in activities that we can do together. Life IS pretty good right now I reckon.



Charlotte Orr said...

LOL at the 100g - that sounds like me. Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday Magda

Frankie said...

I workout at home too (in the shed) and find it amazing how the kids can be totally engrossed in something else but as soon as I hit the gym they have an urgent need for attention (or they fight!). hmmmm...similar situation to when I get on the phone, and mine are 12 and 9!


Stephanie Davis said...

Lol, kids!
try doing what you would at the gym (except you don't need headphones whee!) blast the music up real loud and pretend you can't hear them hahaha.

Sam D-M said...

hhehhe this is what I have to look forward to! I have been lucky Jethro sits in his pram and watches while I train, wait til he can ask questions!! LOL

Hope you recover soon.


Splice said...

Sounds like your in a good head space Mags, Awesome!
Hope you recover from that head cold very soon.

Deb x

Magda said...

:-) Charlotte I'm sure we're not alone.

Ah the joys of kids Frankie, cant live with em yet cant live without em.

Hahahha Steph, I just let mine do what he wants then. No arguements. No whining. And he sprints off to get stuck into it. Peace for me LOL.

Sam you'll love it!! My boy comes in, picks up the 2kg bright green dumbbells (pre body building days!!) and starts doing lat raises. Push-ups with me is another favourite. Gorgeous!!

Thanks Deb. Feeling better at last!!

Cheers all