Thursday, January 08, 2009


Well I made it through today after a few upsets to my planned schedule.

I had to go into work this morning to do an urgent and very important job. So I got up at 5, trained and did the usual getting ready for work routine (apart from putting on cargo pants, a T shirt and sneakers). I dropped BS at my parents' house and was well on the way when I realised I had left my notebook at home. It had all the notes for what I had to do today and I didnt trust myself to remember them all. Hmmm. Plan B!! Go into work, locate all the documents I need from our network, email them home and go back and do the work there and then email it all through to the person requiring it. OK so that worked just fine :-)

I had also promised to take BS and his friend to a play cafe today and luckily was still on track to get there reasonably early. So we get in, the boys race off to play and I settle in with my paper, phones etc expecting to have a decent 3 hour session there. Within 15 mins BS is running back to me screaming his head off as he got a blood nose (he is prone to them). Lordy there is blood everywhere and I settle him down, clean him up as best I can and we do the hold-the-tissues-to-the-nose-trick for as long as it takes. Within minutes of the bleeding ceasing on one side, the other side decides to gush blood as well and I'm fast running out of tissues.

I gather up the boys and we go home 45 mins after getting there. Plan B!! We are home and they have lunch and get stuck into the Wii. Later we go out for a gelati and they are happy. Luckily kids are easy to please and the day is not a total disaster. Come to think of it, I was happy to be home too as I could have my lovely chicken/chick pea salad without the threat of a playcafe employee coming down on me for consuming food that wasnt brought on the premises (this has happened before when I was day from competing).

So the motto of today's post is : when life throws a little curve ball you can totally fluff it by playing the shot exactly as you had planned or you can be a bit flexible, adapt to the new situation and give it your best shot to get it right. The choice is yours.

:-) Magda


Stephanie Davis said...

thats a great post magda.

i am curious about your reaction when you were asked not to consume your own food on premises so close to competing.. ? i imagine if it were me i would have trouble restraining myself! lol. although my Plan A going into these types of situations where people try to give you grief about what you're eating will be to show them my abs and tell them not to mess with me. LMAO!

Magda said...

Hi Steph,

my reaction was this: first I put it away but then realised I HAD to have it so I ducked into the toilets (it was a quiet afternoon there) and standing as far away from the cubicles as possible I ate it as quickly as I could. Not ideal but I didnt have a lot of options available to me.