Sunday, January 25, 2009


Yesterday I woke at the ridiculously early hour of 4.40am and ended up getting up early as I get bored and restless lounging in bed if I'm struggling to sleep.

Well today it was even worse. I was woken at 4am by a mozzie and I'd already been bitten. GRRRRR. Man was I pissed off but I decided to put the time to good use and cooked up a big batch of chilli for my WH . 2 breakfasts later I taught a step and combo class which will now be a regular 3 weekly occurrence for me. There will be many happy people at the gym when I announce it in 3 weeks time.

Lunch was at mum and dad's today and we had roast duck which was something different and nice. After lunch I chatted with my parents and we talked about some of the very unhealthy foods we ate when we were all younger and the world didnt know better. Some were quite cringe-worthy when you consider them in our go low fat/low GI/low salt/low-or-no everything world. We had a good laugh though.

I then visited my local Westfield to shop for a few odds and ends including some new lipsticks. It was so much easier today without a 6 year old getting bored to tears and acting up accordingly. And instead of it taking 15-20 minutes to find colours I liked, it took about 5 and there was 15% off as well. I was a winner on all fronts. I couldnt let the afternoon pass without a leisurely skim cappuccino and a few pages of my new book.

When I got home I whipped up a big batch of chilli for myself - why different for WH and me, you ask - well WH doesnt like kangaroo (I do!!) and he has chorizo sausage in his. When I suggested that his chilli would be healthier without the chorizo I was told that "that was the best bit" so it has stayed.

I had dinner at S+BIL's tonight. As I've mentioned my BIL is Scottish and being Burns Night tonight we had haggis, black pudding, mashed potatoes, mashed swedes and - just for me - some green veg. ( I pleaded for the greens after seeing how much butter and double cream went into the mashed potato - eegads my ILs are all really big and its not surprising why!!).

So despite having a bit of anxiety earlier in the week about these 2 meals with family I was really happy with how I handled them:

1. I relaxed and enjoyed them.
2. I didnt fret about high calories or fat grams or whether they were too high in carbs (probably an affirmative on all 3)
3. I made sensible choices about how much I ate of stuff (healthy and not so healthy) without appearing to be obsessive about it
4. I didnt overeat because it all tasted so good and I could diet again tomorrow

By golly is that progress for me, or what??!!

:-) Magda


LizN said...

I think you're a legend Magda - it's so hard to change our thinking but you're doing it with style!


Magda said...

:-) Thanks Liz