Friday, January 30, 2009


So I have asked myself what I believe.

Do I believe that I can train hard enough to transform my body once again, or do I find an excuse not to?

Based on fact and previous experience I can train hard enough to transform my body once again. After all, muscles have memory and once the conditions are right they will grow again. I believe they will.

Do I believe that my body will respond to the training or do I write it off as "too old" or "the product of too much yoyo dieting"?

I believe my body will respond to the training as long as I'm patient and give it time. The hardest thing to deal with here is waiting for loose skin to shrink. Yep tight legs will be my biggest challenge but I'll try not to expect too much too soon. After all, Rome wasnt built in a day and it takes time to create a masterpiece LOL.

Do I believe that I can learn to understand my emotional eating, what triggers it and why, or do I believe that "I've always done it so I dont know any different"?

Since the start of the year I've been very aware of my moods, feelings and eating urges. In fact, I've been paying more attention to it all since November and am understanding the EE more each day. So what are my key triggers? Metal Monster anxiety (a topic that deserves its own post), pressure and stress, frustration, boredom with my food, a sense of feeling like a victim therefore "I deserve it" and the old "well I've had something I shouldnt have so I might as well have everything I shouldnt have" and lastly "I can always diet tomorrow". How many of these can you relate to? Understanding it is the first step to being able to fix it so I believe I'm on my way.

Do I believe that I can learn strategies and change my thought processes so that I can avoid emotional eating, or do I believe "its just too hard"?

Aaaah thought processes. Dont you love the way children are so impressionable. Tell them something often enough and they'll believe it. Well as adults we are the product of what we've been told or what we've told ourselves over the course of our lives. Dare I say, the older we are, the more ingrained those thoughts and beliefs are. So changing them is quite a challenge and NOT esay to do. But I've taken on this challenge and I'm chipping away at it bit by bit. Yep I've had quite a few situations recently where I could easily have slipped into emotional/binge eating but I've stopped to think about it and I've chosen to act differently. It hasnt always been easy and I havent always succeeded but I'm doing heaps better at it than I was over 3 months ago. I believe I will make it and I look forward to the day when I can blog that "I've got it and I feel at peace" (cheers Sam!!)

And finally do I believe that I have it in me put all the pieces of the puzzle together and work out how to live lean and love life, or do I sit in my happy comfort zone feeling unhappy?

Have you ever sat in your happy comfort zone feeling unhappy? Weighing up if the pain is worse than the effort required to change it. Wondering if the positives in your life outweigh the unhappiness you feel inside and if you dare to step out of the zone and dare to want more or better.

My take on this is that I DO want more. I want to achieve on a number of levels and the only way to do this is to kiss that comfort zone good-bye. In order to move closer to living lean and loving life I must gather up all the pieces of the puzzle that I have accumulated over the years and slowly piece them together. Draw on my experiences, knowledge and skills I've learnt and make it happen. Its nice to have accountability, support and extra guidance along the way but ultimately its up to me.

I believe I can do it.

Good night all



ss2306 said...

Kek gave me this when I first started back in 2007 and I've never forgotten it! I can't get the picture in but if you email me your email address I'll send to you.

Where To Find Everything You Have Ever Wanted
By Anthony Fernando

Imagine for a moment that you are about to stand up in front of two thousand people and give a would you be feeling?

We are all familiar with how it feels to step out of our 'comfort zones'. Whether it's giving a presentation, asking someone out on a date or starting a new business, the feeling in every case is very similar.
If you're like most people, you feel queasy in the stomach, your mouth goes dry, your knees feel weak and your heart starts beating rapidly. Generally most people do everything they can to avoid this feeling because it feels uncomfortable.

But to avoid this feeling is a mistake...and here's why:
"Everything you want in life is
waiting for you outside of your comfort zone "
- Anthony Fernando

When we stay safe inside our comfort zones, we limit ourselves to experiencing the things that are already part of our life.
The only way to change our circumstances is to venture out of our comfort zones into the Possibility Zone, because it is here that you will find everything you have ever wanted.

Whether it's better health, love, money, or a personal goal that is important to you, the life you want is waiting for you outside of your comfort zone.

The only way to expand your comfort zone is to bite the bullet and step out into the possibility zone. Initially this can be uncomfortable but with repeated effort, your comfort zone will slowly expand to include the things that you really want from life.

So next time you experience that queasy feeling of stepping out of your comfort zone, don't shy away from it, instead, embrace the feeling for what it truly is - An indication that you are taking a step towards creating the life of your dreams. In fact the more often you venture out of your comfort zone and experience that feeling, the faster you will make your dreams come true.

Action Steps:
Review your goals and identify an action that will take you out of your comfort zone. Commit to taking that action and as you do so, notice what it feels like to step into the possibility zone. Practice embracing the feeling as a positive indication that you are moving closer to making your goals a reality.

Magda said...

Hi Shelley,

I'll contact you through Liz.

Thanks :-) Magda