Friday, January 23, 2009


If you've followed my blog this week you'll know that we (WH & I) have been kid-free while BS has been in Qld with his grandparents.

Last night WH and I went out for dinner after work. Check out what we had, its truly superb and very healthy It was nice to be out to dinner knowing that any damage to the healthy eating plan was minimal (I did have a few chips but not many).

This morning I took WH to the airport so he can pick up BS and bring him home ready to go back to school next week. They return on Monday night so I'm a bacheloress til then. WOOHOO!! I have a really nice mix of social activities, me-time and a few chores planned.

It all started with me going for a walk/run after work. I NEVER train straight after work but with no family commitments I couldnt let the opportunity slip by (even though I had a rest day scheduled). Plus I was feeling a bit hungry so I thought it'd be a great opportunity to blast some fat cells (well I hope so anyway). It was a short 30 minute session but I got a good HR reading so I was very happy. Then in true fitness-slob style I ate my dinner while I read blogs and caught up on Lindy Olsen's forum. How tragic is that LOL??!!

I'm hoping to reinstate my blogroll this weekend. I hate change thats forced on me when my perfect little world is upset.

Cheers all and I hope you have a great long weekend. I know I'll be back to post about my activities, achievements and aspirations.

:-) Magda


katiep said...

I love the term "fitness-slob" - that's me!!

Magda said...

Its been 3+ hours since I got back from my walk/run and I still havent had a shower. EEEEEEUW time for one now I think LOL

ss2306 said...

Fitness-slob I am I am.

Some days I'll sit around in my sweaty gym gear all day and not shower till the arvo. Can't be that good for down below though!

You make sure you enjoy your weekend responsbility free Magda. I know I LOVE having no kids and husband for a few days.

Magda said...


yep been there done that too :-)