Friday, November 28, 2008


My WH loves to scour the internet and often visits Grays on Line to see what goodies are on offer. Well look what he came across a couple of nights ago. He knows that I dont have everything I need to train at home and how difficult it is to juggle gym time along with full-time work a young child and a home to run. Things can and do get very hectic when you add comp prep (down the track) and everything it entails, to an already busy schedule. So we've chatted about what extra equipment I need and there has been lots of stuff that I've looked at and have discounted for whatever reason. But this is almost perfect.

With the lat pulldown and the low pulley I can now do some effective back training. Plus having the rack means I can load a barbell up heavier for squats and not have to haul it over my head (and hope for the best). I'm just about 100% set up now to NOT have to go to the gym and that will make life easier for me.

Mind you this situation brings other challenges like having to do all my training alone (unless I can rope WH in as my spotter which I've warned him he will have to do). So I have to be self focussed and committed to giving each and every training session my best effort. But I did it last year (with 1 gym session / week) and I'm sure I can apply myself again. If I dont, I'm sure Liz will have something to say and it wont be good LOL!!

On a final note, I've finished the week on a really good note. I went to my work Xmas party this evening and drank a Diet Coke and a bottle of water. I didnt nibble or snack on anything while I was there. My attendance was quite brief as I had a lot to do to get organised for tomorrow's dinner so I happily left early, made myself a lean and clean dinner at home and then got stuck into roasting pumpkin and making stuffing. I didnt feel deprived or that I was missing out on anything. It was totally my choice to do this.

Bring on the weekend!! And I hope you all have a good one too.




ss2306 said...

You totally hit the nail on the head. It was totally your choice.

I may have told you this quote before. "You can be whatever type of person you choose to be. Your habits, your behaviours, your responses, are all your choice".

But also you were allowing yourself to have the wine and whatever therefore you didn't really want it but had you have told yourself you couldn't have it guess what may have happened?

Practising moderation reinforces positive behaviour.

I'm starting to sound like my shrink!

Have a great weekend Magda.

Michelle said...

Looks like a good set-up. I might go visit that website - I need something like that for my home gym too.

Tara said...

Hiya Magda, I have the same system in my home gym. It is a good set up. If you are after other attachments for it, check out this store on ebay. They have heaps of attachments at really good prices. I have bought a lot of things off them....

Alison said...

great gym set up. Hope your having a wonderful weekend,

Ali xxx

Magda said...

Hey Shelley the Shrink!! I agree it all comes down to choice and when your head is in the right place its just so much easier to make the good choices.

Michelle, I'm looking forward to having it all set up and ready to road test. It should be sometime this week.

Thanks Tara, I'll check that out for the extra attachments.

Hi Alison and thanks for dropping by and commenting.