Saturday, November 01, 2008


What have I been up to since I last blogged?

On Wednesday night my WH and I had a night out to see/hear and perform at the The Gov here in Adelaide. If you're a Paul Young or Spandau Ballet fan from the 80s this would have been your ideal heaven. It certainly was mine. Tony Hadley's voice, which was good when he sang in Spandau Ballet, has improved out of this world. It is just incredible and even WH commented on how great it was. They did a fantastic show performing many of their old hits and some really good covers. And you know the best thing?? We werent the oldest people there LOL!! In fact it was more like "spot the person UNDER 35!".
So the late night on Wednesday really threw me out of whack with my training. I didnt get up at 5 on Thursday as I was just too tired. Training in the evening wasnt going to work as we'd been to mum and dad's for dinner and then had a heap of stuff to get done at home. I was still really tired on Friday morning and struggled getting up at 6.30 let alone 5.
Nutrition has been more "relaxed" than I've been aiming for in the last couple of weeks. Eating out on Wednesday night, toast for breakfast on Thursday, some small cakes at an official opening I was attending on Thursday morning, more bread at lunch time (didnt have a healthy meal packed) and then pizza at mum and dad's that night. Yesterday was still not back on track so the weight has spiked up again (it doesnt take much) and needs some serious commitment to get it down and keep it going down.
I would have liked a nice clean start to November today but its been hard to muster the strength to get 100% clean again (or at least 80% would be reasonable). Never mind I will not give up trying.
My next post will have an announcement that I have been keeping under my belt for a few weeks. But the time has come to reveal all.
Good night all


Anonymous said...

Hey Magda! It's good to listen to your body - give it what it needs, whether it's rest, bit of cake, pizza - all about balance honey! when i KNOW i've got a week of functions (like this week - Melb Cup, US Election etc) I call it my "high calorie" week, then the week after i'll go back to "low calorie" week - so instead of going "good DAY" "bad DAY" - go week! the high calorie week is fab - the low - not so fab BUT it does spike the metabolism for me!!!!

Magda said...

Hi Fern,

my problem is that overall my high calorie weeks have outnumbered my low calorie weeks. Me not-so-happy Jabba The Hut right now :-(


Lisa said...

Sounds awesome. I loved Spandau Ballet!

Magda said...

Hey Lisa, if you ever get a chance to hear Tony Hadley sing now DONT MISS IT!!