Monday, November 24, 2008


Up at 5am to train. The Metal Monster is showing a 1.3kg spike. Man thats a lot of water stuck in there so looking forward to it "leaving the building".

I have a HR crisis at work today. I cant stop laughing about it - thats my shocked reaction and a cover for underlying nerves. I think to myself "what a comedy of errors this selection process has been".

My Director and I attend a high level meeting at our Big Brother Department. I've prepared for it but am nervous liaising with several other Directors. My Director throws over to me to do the talking and I nail it. I get my point across clearly and with enough conviction to drive the key issues home. If I could have, I would have jumped out of my seat, pulled my top over my head/face and done laps around the board room table waving my arms in the air in a sign of victory........ maybe not. I dont think the Directors could have handled that.

My point is that nothing got me down today. Not the Metal Monster. Not the HR crisis. And not the nervousness going into the meeting. My head space is where I want it to be.

Food has been great. Lunch today was Tandoori chicken breast done on the BBQ with salad. It was delicious. Dinner was left-over salmon (a bit over heated and dry but still tasty) with carrots and beans. For breakfast I had wholemeal toast with lean short-cut bacon, an egg and mushrooms. My snacks were also ones that I look forward to and not tuna that sits very low on my list of favourite foods.

OK I'm ready for a Terrific Tuesday.

Cheers all


PS I'll blog tomorrow about some great stuff that Liz and I have devised and agreed on. She is a legend and making sure I stay happy and sane while I tackle this excess fat.

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