Saturday, November 15, 2008


....kilos that is.

My interlude with the Metal Monster was very pleasant this morning. I took measurements first and some had gone down and others had stayed the same so I wasnt sure what the numbers would say. I was almsot dreading the reading but decided that it wouldnt matter anyway. Well to my surprise I had a drop of .5kgs since Tuesday and that made a total of 1.5kgs for this week. I HAVE LOST 5KGS IN MY FIRST 2 WEEKS TRAINING WITH LIZ!!!!

I have just under 1.5 to go before I hit the sub 70 and that will be my first major milestone achieved. I have decided that I'll treat myself to a salon pedicure rather than struggling to do my own. Unless I have a major melt-down in this next week (its been known to happen!!) I'm looking a dead cert to achieve my sub 70 goal well before Xmas and I'm feeling damn good about that.

My WH and BS were both up way too early today and normally that would piss me off but I was in such a good mood it didnt bother me. I headed out for my walk and had an extra spring in my step and when it came to my rower intervals I pushed - or rather pulled- as hard as I could. I have been on fire with a great attitude and just following Coach's program. Even my 2 wines / week limit is viewed as my "glass-half-full" rather than "half-empty".

Tonight's dinner was really yummy but I have no photos as we just wanted to hoe into it. I bought some lean lamb and cut it into cubes for skewering. Then I marinated it in:

mild chilli oil
lemon juice
freshly cracked black pepper
smoked paprika
parsley flakes (normally I'd use continental (flat leaf) parsley but didnt have any)

I skewered it with zucchini and spanish onion and WH bbqued it. It was really delicious. We had it with a salad made from: spinach leaves, roasted pumpkin, fat free sun dried tomato, low fat feta and toasted pine nuts (no dressing - it doesnt need any - trust me). I really should get myself organised to take some pics.

Well I'm signing off as I have a piece of lean pork that I'm marinating to make Chinese BBQued pork for tomorrow night's dinner. I'll be making Asian inspired stir fried veges with it and that too should be a lovely dinner.

Cheers all



Michelle said...

Wow! That's fantastic Magda.

Jehanne said...

Yippeeeeeeeee how awesome!!!!!!

ss2306 said...

Fantastic week Magda. Congratulation. You're on a roll now. Just keep the momentum up.

Here's to another great week - for us both.

Skye said...

Magda thats fantastic keep rolling girl....before you know it you will be where you want to be....
Like shelley said heres to a great week for us all,
skye :)

Kek said...

Nice work, Magda - knew you could do it.

Dinner sounds GREAT.

Anonymous said...

You're on fire Magda. Go you good thing, what a huge accomplishment. I'm back to the land of the living so will be checking in on your more regularly. ;o) xxx

Magda said...

Wow indeed Michelle. I'm stoked!!

Yes Jeh, just what I needed to pull me out of my pre-Liz doldrums.

Thanks Shelley. I sure hope to keep that momentum up and clock up another good week. Congrats on the 69!!

Hey Skye, I'm hanging out for another great week too. BTW well done on your recent win.

Thanks Kek. I also knew I could do it I just needed to get my arse into gear and being accountable really helps me.

Hey Lia, welcome back and thanks for the compliment. I'm really looking forward to following your journey too.

Cheers all