Saturday, November 08, 2008


Excuse me folks but I must have this brag.

Since last Saturday I have dropped 3.5kgs and 12cms over 5 sites measured. Yes there are no typos there. You read those numbers correctly.

Mind you I know that about 2 - 2.5kgs was just bloat and this reflected in a 5cm drop in my waist measurement but I'm sure there was some fat melting away there too. One cannot help but be extremely happy with this result after a relatively easy first week with Coach. Now I have to prepare myself for a miniscule drop - if any - in the 2nd week. Nevertheless my goal of being sub 70kgs by Xmas Day is looking very doable.

Today we braved the cold and rain to watch the Xmas Pageant with our son. The things you do to make your kids happy LOL. I thought I was dressed warm enough but there was a cold wind blowing and all I can say is thank God BS was happy to sit and snuggle in my lap which helped to keep me warm.

After the pageant we raced home and WH and I went into overdrive to tidy and clean up as BS was having friends from school come over for a play. This was the first time and we didnt want the parents to see our home in its usual state of Saturday disarray LOL. The playdate went well and only after it was over did I have time to train. But train I did and then I had the pleasure of emailing Coach my great weekly result. That felt really good :-)

Food has been good and on track. I havent had any treats other than my 2 glasses of wine / week which I spaced out over last night and tonight. Me happy!!

Training all ok. Still working on fixing some postural issues but I appreciate how important that is. You cant build a fabulous structure on a shaky foundation.

Feeling great. BTW TTOM arrived in the early hours of today (I thought it was looming) which explains some of the stuff I was feeling yesterday. Today all is good and I'm not struggling with anything.

:-) Magda


Doris's BEHAG journey said...

That is abssoooooolutely fantastic Magda, you should be pretty chuffed with yourself! Woot Woot!

Magda said...

Yep sure am Dori

:-) Magda