Thursday, November 27, 2008


Have you ever had pumpkin pie?? I work in a small, tight knit unit and one of my colleagues is American. Well, it being Thanksgiving today or tomorrow she brought a pumpkin pie to work for us to share. She is a genuinely lovely young lady and this was a very thoughtful gesture. I felt wrong saying no to it and so I indulged in a very thin slice (sans double cream!!). Our Director shouted us all a nice coffee so I had my usual skim cappuccino and really enjoyed this very special morning tea. But the best bit was that I wasnt tempted to eat off plan after that. I had my small piece of cake. I enjoyed it. Then the rest of my food was 100% on plan. This is how life should be (every now and then)!!

BTW on Saturday night we are having our friends over for a full Thanksgiving dinner and I'll make my own pumpkin pie but I wont hurt my feelings if I dont have any LOL.

As the end of the week draws near I get really tired from the early morning starts and I look forward to my Friday morning pseudo sleep-in. Well there wont be one tomorrow as I have training to do in order to earn my weekend treats. I'll need to be up before 5am to fit in both cardio and my "Postural Program" but when they're done I'll feel great knowing that no training was scrimped on and those potential indulgences have been earned.

I have some other stuff to blog but need to use the other computer with email on it and WH is busy preparing presentations for work tomorrow (poor bugger). So my other stuff will have to wait.

G'night folks



Cheryl D said...

I have never had pumkin pie.. Im afraid I will like it. My love for apple pie is hard enough to live with LOL. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Raechelle said...

Hell yeah pumpkin pie-total yum!!
And it's not that bad for you-after all-it's pumpkin-just use less sugar-and lots of cinnamon!

Have a great weekend!

stephmd said...

Dont they love it!!?
I have read so many recipes that require canned pumpkin, can we get it here in Oz i wonder?
Apparently its nice mixed in with oatmeal! hehe, I'll try anything once!
keep up the good work Magda!

Michelle said...

You can get pumpkin pie in a can from David Jones food section of USA foods (online).
Of course, being half american, I've come up with a protein pie version which I'll post when I get home. Yummo!

stephmd said...

Sounds great- Thanks Michelle, I'll keep an eye out for it!

Magda said...

Cheryl its to die for especially if its a bit heavy on the spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and/or cloves.

Raechelle I'll remember that I'm actually getting in another serve of veges. BONUS!!

Yep Steph, my American colleague said that canned pumpkin is available in some (few) gourmet delis. I've roasted my own though and will puree it tomorrow and then spice it up.

A protein version Michelle?? I'm intrigued!!