Wednesday, November 26, 2008


thanks to the lovely Miss Kerry. We were talking recently about eating on plan and how much I hadnt been eating on plan and I mentioned that I've never had a cooler bag. Her comment "How did you ever survive without one?".

Well throughout comp prep last year it was mainly cold and there never seemed to be a problem with taking my food with me. I managed without one as best I could.

But on a recent trip to Melbourne Kerry bought this fabulous cooler bag for me and I got it in the post yesterday. I cant thank her enough for her kindness and generosity and now I have absolutely no excuse for eating off plan if I'm out and about ... do I?

All is good in my lets-work-to-get-this-body-fat-off world. The Metal Monster was very kind this morning dropping .4kgs below my lowest weight last week. I'm getting closer to the sub 70s and I'm excited and impatient to get there ...well not really ...I just have to keep doing what I'm doing and it'll happen.

Keeping it short and sweet tonight as WH has heaps of work and will kick me off the computer any minute.

Cheers all



RaeC said...

Oooh... I like it!!

It's great to see you have all the plans in place Magda... and even though we can always come up with an excuse as to why not, it only takes one very good reason as to why to slap that excuse down.

Keep up the great work xxx

Kristy said...

Thats a fantastic cooler bag and what a wonderful thought of Kerry.

Enjoy nice healthy cool lunches!

Magda said...

Yes Rae, I'm determined to get this ugly fat off and being organised so that excuses cant derail me is key to my success.

Yes Kristy, Kerry is very special. A truly lovely person.