Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hi all,

my date with blogger is very brief tonight. After a ridiculous day at work where I had several moments of "OMG what am I doing here?" or "OMG how am I ever going to get on top of ....insert any one of about 10 items.....?", I've just spent the last hour or so doing more work :-( And this is the bare minimum to keep me from going under tomorrow. EEEEEEGADS I'M FEELING THE PRESSURE NOW!!

So what has this meant for my get lean, toned and fit campaign?

1. I'm only managing 4 meals/snacks in a day. Either morning or afternoon tea just doesnt happen on these days.
2. I'm so busy I hardly ever think about food or even feel particularly hungry until its really time to eat and then I'm famished.
3. So far I havent craved junk food for comfort. AMAZING! Normally its the first thing I reach for. Maybe, just maybe there is hope for me yet.
4. In place of my junk food craving I'm really hanging out for wine as my "stess relief of choice". I havent given in but the voice of my "Wendy the Wino" is playing inside my head. Somebody turn that racket down!!

Oh and then send some reprieve so that I can stop for a breath and check wher I'm headed.

G'night all



Pip said...

Magda, can relate to the 'busy' thing, - it makes it all the much more challenging hey with nutrition and finding the time and desire to give you're workouts you're all!!!

OMG though! You sound like me! When I get focussed and get off the junkfood, it's not an issue but my desire for wine goes sky high! (Or Pure Blonde beer after doing say an 8-10km intense run and running along the river past a couple of pubs!)

Good work to not giving into unplanned wine and keep up the great job!


Magda said...

Thanks Pip. This is really testing me but an inspriring email from Liz tonight has given me renewed focus to stay committed.