Monday, November 03, 2008


Well I cant keep this to myself any longer. You are looking at my Trainer Extraordinaire for the 2009 comp season. I have acknowledged that I cant do this alone. I need direction. I need expertise. I need support. I need accountability but most importantly I need to do it. Its time to stop dreaming about what I want and start doing what it will take to achieve it....albeit again. The past is history and its time to look forward.

If you read "My Story" from a few weeks ago (around mid October) you will know what I have been through in the last 12 or so months. Its been a tough year in terms of letting my eating get out of control and putting on a lot of weight. Couple that with training sporadically and shifting my focus to a 12km fun-run and I'm well and truly back around Square One as I begin my prep for the 2009 comp season.

Yes folks I'm aiming to get back into good enough shape to compete again in September 2009. I need to put muscle back on and tighten up my legs BIG TIME. I have a LOT of body fat to lose but I have time (and Liz) on my side. The journey is about to begin and I'm excited and nervous about the next 11 months. I DO NOT WANT TO FAIL!!!!! or should I say I WANT TO SUCCEED!!!!!

So here I am now a member of Team Fitness Solution and ready to make Liz proud of me and not let her down ... and not let myself down. So between Liz and the lovely Adelaide Figure Girls (hello Kerry and Cheryl) I'm hoping the path I have to travel will be made that little bit easier. I'm so blessed to have such great support. When I'm deep in misery and battling the lowest self esteem I can count on being lifted up by one of those special friends. (Thanks Kerry!!)

Cheers all



Jehanne said...

ooh yay! How good is that! I'm so excited for you!

LizN said...

When I saw my mug turn up on my Dashboard, I just had to come on over :)


Skye said...

Excellent go for it have done it once before you can do it exciting!!!!!!

Splice said...

Fabulous news Mags!! I'm so happy you have chosen Liz as she is so wonderful and I believe she will help you get into your best condition within 11 months.
Congratulations. There will be no stopping you now, your in such good hands :-)
I just so stoked for you.
Deb xxx

Kristy said...

Great news Magda and with Liz's help you will succeed!

So exciting !!!

Em said...

Congrats hun I am sure you will get the results you need with the amazing Liz by your side :)


Michelle said...

Yay!! I can't wait to see your progress!

ss2306 said...

You've definately made the right decision and are now in the bestest of hands. Liz baby will get you sorted and on stage looking better than ever.

Magda said...

Thanks guys.


Lia Halsall said...

Congratulations Magda, if this is exactly what you need then I'm here to support you and your goals 100%. I believe in you, always have, always will. :o) xxx

Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Hey Magda

You and me both. The lovely Liz is going to help my head out and put my on stage in the future as a Physique competitor. Can't wait to see my lovely muscles.!! Woot Woot.

Magda said...

Thanks Lia for your uplifting and supportive comments.

Doris, I'm following your journey too and I cant wait to see your lovely muscles :-)


Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement :-)