Thursday, November 20, 2008


It was a really challenging day today and at times I felt like I was hanging on by my nails.

I was under pressure at work and was stressing a bit about how I’d handle something. Couple that with being at my desk for longer periods and I was really fighting the craving for comfort food (eg JUNK). I wasn’t hungry. I just wanted comfort. But I stuck to my planned meals.

Then I attended a function after work. They had free drinks and I almost talked myself into having a wine (which I know I could have had out of my 2 / week allowance but would prefer to keep my allowance for the weekend to really savour and enjoy). So I ordered a Diet Coke.

When the nibbles went around and I hadn’t eaten for almost 5 hours, I chose a king sized prawn (marinated and cooked – not crumbed) and 2 small bits of sushi. Pretty good choices I thought, seeing they included protein and carbs. Still pretty much on plan.

On the way home I remembered that I only had chicken cooked but no veges so my mind started to go wild with all the possibilities of what to get for dinner... Wok in a Box Noodles or BBQed chicken and salad or HJs (OMG did I just admit to that??!!). But I went straight home.

I arrived home quite late, tired, and NOT in the mood to cook. I didnt want salad as its quite cool tonight. After toing and froing about whether to go out or not (WH had gotten home late too) we didn’t go and I ended up throwing another batch of stir fried veges together and having exactly the same thing for dinner as I’d had for lunch. Not ideal but better than takeaway and it meant my food was good for the day.

Oh I almost forgot … I had one scorched almond today during a meeting with my boss. I can live with that indiscretion LOL.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record I know my blog has been really food and control focussed this week but it really is a challenge around this time and it helps me to write about it. Maybe next week I'll be feeling more confident and taking things in my stride more. Its worth working towards.

Cheers all



Skye said...

awesome you made it through the will feel fantastic for it when you wake up tomorrow!!!!
Keep it up magda up are doing great things

Hilary said...

Good on you Magda, I'm working on a day-by-day basis too at the moment - its a struggle, but it does make you feel great when you've resisted all temptations!

Hilary xx

Anonymous said...

Another in my opinion hugely successful day Magda. You are seriously doing this and doing it well I might add, keep your eye on the prize my friend.

Magda this is your blog and you can write whatever you want on it. It's here for you, us being able to read it is an added bonus. ;o)

Lia xxx

Pip said...

Top going Magda! You're blog is inspirational!!!

You are so on track and focussed!

I've been the opposite, really MUST change but as in 12 weeks tomorrow, - I'm doing a triathlon and need to nip my fluctuating/time wasting in the butt for good and potentially lose 20kg in the next few months and have a strong focussed 12 week lead up!

Keep up he awesome work!


Magda said...

Thanks guys :-)